Amira and Oliver Pocher in the celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

celebrity special “From an optical point of view, there is nothing to blame him for”: Oliver Pocher makes fun of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” about his ex-wife Amira

Amira and Oliver Pocher in the celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

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In the celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Amira and Oliver Pocher competed together for a good cause. The program was recorded in October. Even then, the still-married couple couldn’t resist some teasing.

“It’s wonderful that you are both here,” were the words with which moderator Günther Jauch welcomed Amira and Oliver Pocher to a new celebrity edition of the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” on Thursday night. In fact, it was unusual to see Amira and Oliver Pocher together on a television show. At the end of August they announced their separation after seven years of relationship, four of them married, but they announced that they wanted to continue doing some professional projects together. This also applies to the appearance on the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” – Celebrity Special”, which was recorded in mid-October. A lot has happened since then: the Pochers are currently in a public war of the roses.

The tension between the couple was also present in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – Although at first Amira Pocher found flattering words. She revealed that she was actually invited to the show alone, but that she did not dare to compete alone. That’s why Oliver Pocher appeared. “He’s a professional. Olli really has something about him, he’s very cultured. Otherwise I would have used him as a phone prankster,” she said.

The Pochers overcame the first obstacles without problems. At the level of 200 euros, the 31-year-old gave a small tip. The question was: “What is noble onion sometimes called? A: Schaqueline, B: Schuliette, C: Shallot, D: Schanette.” The answer is, of course, C: shallot. “Would you have known? Because you don’t cook,” Amira Pocher mocked. “What does that mean? Since I don’t cook, I couldn’t have answered that,” Oliver Pocher responded.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Günther Jauch mediates between Oliver and Amira Pocher

They weren’t the only taunts that night. When Oliver Pocher told a joke that Amira had obviously heard countless times, he wryly remarked, “The joke is never boring.” Moderator Günther Jauch quickly called for a reduction in tension. The former couple clashed again over the issue of 8,000 euros. We were looking for the correct spelling of the word pompoms. They were both sure they knew the solution and insisted on their opinion. “You’re stubborn, I’m stubborn,” Amira said. This led Günther Jauch to wonder if this could be the reason for the divorce. “The stupid guy gives up,” the moderator finally recommended. In the end it was Oliver Pocher, because Amira made the right decision.

At the 16,000 euro level, the Pochers used their first wild card and tested the public. The question was: “In the common expert advice ‘cut hard ones diagonally, soft ones straight’, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ refer to: A: flower stems, B: types of wood, C : loaves of bread, D: types of cheese.” While Amira Pocher was firmly convinced it had to be cheese, Oliver Pocher leaned towards flower stems: the correct answer. Only six percent of those invited to the study shared the opinion of the 31-year-old.

Another great help for Oliver Pocher: “It looks good. I’ll accept it too,” he said, referring to the public. Günther Jauch commented: “That’s a compliment that doesn’t come up in every divorce discussion.” Pocher added: “Everything is wonderful. Visually there is nothing to criticize.” Jauch then cursed: “Now I have to do another mediation here. I, precisely, am qualified as a hedgehog to wipe my ass.”

Amira and Oliver Pocher also needed a wild card for the next two questions. With 125,000 euros, the comedian stood out for his knowledge. “For whom was the 2014 World Cup final not the last game in the German national team’s jersey? A: Bastian Schweinsteiger, B: Miroslav Klose, C: Philipp Lahm, C: Per Mertesacker,” was the question. Football fan Oliver Pocher was able to point out that Bastian Schweinsteiger was the correct answer.

Amira Pocher’s brother as a telephone prankster

Finally, Amira Pocher’s brother, Ibrahim Aly, was used as a telephone prankster for 500,000 euros. He was supposed to answer the following question: “What was the first alien planet on which an artificial probe successfully landed? A: Venus, B: Mercury, C: Mars, D: Moon.” Aly guessed Venus, but she wasn’t sure. Amira Pocher trusted her brother and wanted to bet. Oliver Pocher, for his part, recommended caution. “Then you can put the difference here in the donation marathon,” he said, with the idea that a wrong answer would mean going back to 500 euros. Amira Pocher did not accept the argument. “I’m single. I need the money,” she said.

In the end, the 45-year-old came out on top and the Pochers raised €125,000 for the good cause, more than any other celebrity that night. In addition to Amira and Oliver Pocher, singer Sasha, comedian Torsten Sträter and football legend Reiner Calmund were invited to the celebrity special and each won 64,000 euros. A little bitter for Amira Pocher: her brother was right about Venus. Then it would have even been half a million euros.

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