Bayern signs Australian Nestory Irankunda: the new jewel of FCB follows in the footsteps of Alphonso Davies

In a preview of summer, Irankunda is currently still 17 years old and, according to Australian statutes, can only move to Europe when he is an adult (Irankunda will turn 18 in February). According to the FCB press release, Irankunda will sign “a long-term contract” in the Bavarian capital; The German champion has not provided any information on the transfer amount. According to reports, this should amount to three million euros.

“We have had Nestory on our radar for some time,” Jochen Sauer, director of the FCB youth training center, said in the statement: “Nestory is an extremely fast, dribbling and strong wing player at the end and “He has a lot of power towards the goal. We are convinced of his potential and that he will take the next step with us.”

Irankunda, a young and unknown leaf from a league that goes unnoticed in the local areas. Memories inevitably return to a certain Alphonso Davies, who joined Bayern from Major League Soccer’s Vancouver Whitecaps in January 2019.

Davies is also a blank slate

Davies was also 17 at the time of his signing in the summer of 2018 and smiled for the camera with braces at the time. Like Irankunda, he was only known to pundits with an affinity for young footballers; He was also touted as a “fast and technically adept offensive player.”

“When I was a child, I always dreamed of a moment like this,” the Canadian enthused. And he added: “Now the dream has come true. But now the work continues, now I have to give everything to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Alphonso Davies won the Champions League with Bayern in 2020

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And how he took advantage of his opportunity. In a very short time, Davies moved from the Munich amateur team to the A team and became the undisputed regular player under coach Hansi Flick, who used the youngster as a left-back. A year and a half after his arrival in the Bavarian capital, he lifted the championship trophy, the DFB Cup and the Champions League jackpot.

Irankunda’s parents fled to Tanzania

The parallels between Davies and Irankunda are not just about playing qualities. Like Davies, Irankunda was also born in an African refugee camp because his parents had had to flee a civil war. Irankunda’s parents fled Burundi to Tanzania, Davies’ parents left Liberia for Ghana, where today’s superstar was born.

“I know it was very difficult for my parents,” Irankunda recently told the YouTube channel “KEEPUP.” Shortly after Irankunda’s birth, the family moved to Adelaide, Australia. In this city of more than a million inhabitants, Irankunda quickly discovered his enthusiasm for the big leather ball and from the beginning it was clear that the boy had great talent. “I always played a year longer during my youth,” he explained.

His path was still rocky, so his two brothers hung up their soccer boots so he could play for the club. “The club fees were simply too high and they sacrificed his dream for mine,” said Irankunda, who is also very grateful to his parents. “My dad probably sacrificed the most for me. Before I got my license, he took me everywhere. Sometimes he couldn’t even go to church to take me to practices or games.”

Professional debut at age 15

The commitment paid off: at the age of 14, Irankunda was discovered by Adelaide United, and at just 15 years old he made his first team debut. He is now indispensable. In 39 professional games he contributed nine goals and two assists. Values ​​that Irankunda will expand in the coming months until moving to Munich. “The experiences of the coming months in the A-League will have a very positive effect on their future development,” predicted Campus boss Sauer.


Nestory Irankunda

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Meanwhile, Irankunda knows exactly what she wants: the pot with a handle. She made it clear in an interview on “KEEPUP”. The young man is already thinking about the distant future: “I want to finish my career at Adelaide United.” But first the great adventure in Germany is coming.

Retrain to become a defender?

Initially, Irankunda will be developed on the northern Munich campus. Like Davies once did. And who knows, maybe the Australian sub-national player will follow a similar path in terms of positioning, from offensive winger to defensive winger. Irankunda at least has history as a defensive player.

“I often watched Barcelona games. I wanted to be a centre-back, I played in the center of the defence. I liked Carles Puyol and Gerard Piqué,” he revealed. “At first I was sad when they told me I should play as a forward because my dream was to be a defender.”

And the defenders, as it is becoming increasingly clear, FC Bayern can always use them. However, they will still have to wait a little longer in Munich to rely on the services of Irankunda.


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