Branch manager reveals savings trick only three days a week: Now Lidl confirms it

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Save money when shopping? This is possible with a Lidl trick that only works three days a week, as confirmed by the supermarket chain.

Update from November 14, 2023: It’s true! Lidl confirms the savings trick revealed by a store manager in a TikTok video (see below). The alleged other employees received him with a lot of skepticism. But, according to a spokeswoman, it is true that cut flowers only cost half as much two hours before closing, three days a week, even though there is no sign indicating this.

“Our goal is always to offer our customers excellent quality and freshness at the usual low Lidl price. “Valuing resources is our top priority,” writes Lidl in response to a request from our editorial team. “We are therefore pleased to confirm that our cut flowers will be offered at reduced prices in Lidl stores throughout Germany from the second day of sales, two hours before closing. As a general rule, these offers are valid on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while supplies last.” Lidl can score points with the cut flower trick; Elsewhere, however, the supermarket chain is prone to some discount fraud.

Our article from November 11, 2023: Nettetal – A man who should know now reveals a relatively unknown savings tip from Lidl: we had already reported on the TikTok account “The Branch Manager”. And the operator continues with his double function. According to his own statements, he not only runs a branch of Lidl, which is probably located in Nettetal (NRW). The supermarket employee also repeatedly uploads videos to TikTok. Some contain smaller practical jokes, like the “Nutella album receipt” clip. But there is often valuable information too.

Lidl branch manager: Cheaper flowers three days a week before branch closure

He recorded the video of his savings trick on a Tuesday at 8:19 p.m., as shown with his watch. “We close at 9 pm Cut flowers, who knows, actually this bouquet costs 2.49 euros. Let’s see how much it is at the cash register?” He stops him and the ad only charges 1.24 euros for the chrysanthemums. Half! “Cut flowers are 50 percent off every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the morning.” night, two hours before closing,” he announces. “This is something everyone should know.” As a rule, the branch must post a sign. “It’s often forgotten, but now you know.”

Is this really the case for all Lidl? “In Germany, yes,” the branch manager answers this question. Others suspect or affirm the opposite. Another user, who supposedly works at Lidl, also reacted with skepticism: “But for us it is not like that, only on Saturday night, because on Sunday we close, when flowers and bakery products are 50 percent cheaper at starting at 7 p.m.

The Lidl store manager encourages them to try it. “It is automatically imported from headquarters! I promise, I’ll try it tomorrow afternoon.” If the Lidl branch closes at 8pm, flowers are cheaper from 6pm. When asked if the discount was really true, he said: “Yes! Promise.” Another alleged Lidl colleague says: “Yes, of course it works.”

“The Branch Manager” entertains and informs his followers on TikTok. On the left is the Lidl box, which only shows 1.24 euros for the flowers. © Screenshots

Lidl’s advice also raises skepticism: Is it like this everywhere?

However, many people remain skeptical. Insider advice valid throughout Germany or a regional specialty? Our editorial team is asking Lidl for clarification and will add a statement as soon as it is available. Until then, interested customers should probably just ask the cashier to run the bouquet through the scanner to check if it really is reduced.

If so, it could be a big surprise. Because not even most Lidl employees know this. “I work at Lidl and I didn’t know it,” writes one user. “I know, not even mine knew,” said the Lidl man about his employees. At first only his “video proof” remains, but soon many interested in flowers will try the advice. Kaufland also has a savings trick that almost no one knows about. But Lidl also writes negative headlines again and again, here for example. (lin)

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