Bundesliga Union Berlin: Silence in the neighborhood: a wake-up call from fans in the terrible crisis

1. FC Union fans are considered a reliable indicator of the mood in Berlin-Köpenick. After the 4-0 defeat against Bayer Leverkusen, the fans did what they had not done for a long time: they refused to support the team.

The behavior of the fans sent an unmistakable message: something is wrong at Köpenick, and it is wrong. After their ninth consecutive defeat, the Iron Men fell to the bottom of the Bundesliga standings.

In itself, after the 11th of 34 days, that would initially be a statistical note. But the Union is not only at the bottom of the table. Unión also appeared last in the last game before the international break. “We made it clear that we were playing to stay in the league. It was simply not enough,” coach Urs Fischer criticized after his desperate performance against the league leader.

Apparently, most of the 1,400 Union fans at BayArena saw it that way too. Because after the final whistle something extraordinary happened in the visiting block: nothing at all. Normally, the team receives support even after defeats; more recently, even after the sixth, seventh or eighth consecutive defeat. Also on Sunday the players went to the fans’ corner as usual. Instead of the usual applause and clenched fists, this time he was met with icy silence. Only when the players turned around again were isolated applause heard from some fans.

Captain Christopher Trimmel briefly approached the fans; At least that day there was no need to argue with the fans. Trimmel showed understanding. “Honestly, I completely understand. In the end there is not much to say. We are last and we lost 4-0,” he explained.

Coach Fischer criticizes mentality: Trimmel sees relegation in danger

The Ultras even stopped vocally supporting at the end of the match. This doesn’t happen often at the Union Berlin either. The collective silence in Leverkusen sounded like a strong wake-up call for the team. Christopher Trimmel indirectly reminded his teammates that in many other stadiums in a similar situation there would probably have been a raucous concert of whistles. “The fans communicate very directly. We are doing well at this club because the support is incredible. Many players know it differently,” explained the captain.

However, Leverkusen’s silence is only surprising at first glance. Due to the numerous defeats, for weeks there has been explosive discussion on social networks about how to wake up the team in the most effective way. With silence? Or even with whistles? This discussion has also reached the team. “The support is very special and unique,” ​​Rani Khedira said recently. Sometimes that may not be appropriate if you keep losing, Khedira speculated.

Union Berlin has to fight for support

Now it seems that the Unión Berlin professionals will have to fight for the support they have received for years from the fans. The home match against FC Augsburg continues on November 25 at the An der Alten Försterei stadium. In the coming days both sides will have time to process Leverkusen’s silence. The club has announced that all training sessions this week will be closed to the public.

Debacle in Leverkusen: Eiserne falls to the bottom of the table

Debacle in Leverkusen: Eiserne falls to the bottom of the table

It is clear that the fans want to continue supporting the team, even if it is with a silent wake-up call like in Leverkusen. Coach Urs Fischer knows that the best way to reconcile the fans is with victories. Regarding previous support for the team and also for himself, Fischer explained: “If you enjoy the support of the fans even though things are going badly, that can be an important point to get back to normal.” However, the fan indicator indicates a rather tense mood at Köpenick.

Press conference Bayer Leverkusen against Union Berlin

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