“Celebrity Big Brother” 2023: new residents revealed

the essentials in brief

  • The big brother has revealed: scandal streamer Ron Bielecki, actress Manuela Wisbeck, reality star Matthias Mangiapane, influencer and reality star Paulina Ljubas and magician Philo are also in season 11 of “Celebrity Big Brother” .

  • Here you can find out who the other residents will be in 2023.

  • All information on wildcard voting, 24/7 live streaming and broadcast times can be found here

More celebrities for Big Brother: Scandal streamer Ron Bielecki, Manuela Wisbeck and Matthias Mangiapane, among others, are coming to “Celebrity Big Brother.” These residents are new additions.

They are also in season 11.

High five! Big Brother reveals five more residents for Germany’s most famous shared apartment: streamer Ron Bielecki, actress Manuela Wisbeck, reality star Matthias Mangiapane, influencer and reality star Paulina Ljubas and magician Philo participate this year in “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Ron Bielecki: “I’m a virgin in reality.”

YouTuber Ron Bielecki, who once rose as a fitness influencer, now makes headlines primarily for his party excesses, provocations, and gambling streams. “I’m a virgin in reality,” the 25-year-old explains before his appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother.” The streamer has one main goal for the 24-hour camera watch: “Look good and not stress at all.”

Manuela Wisbeck: “I don’t know luxury.”

Manuela Wisbeck became famous thanks to the comedy format “Böse Girls”. She is also familiar to television audiences thanks to her continuing role in “Notruf Hafenkante”. After participating in “Let’s Dance” and “Celebrity Shopping Queen”, “Celebrity Big Brother” is the first reality format in which Manuela Wisbeck participates. This 40-year-old man, who also works on a farm, is not afraid of the deprivation of this time: “I don’t know luxury and I don’t live in luxury at home either. We live quite simply.”

Matthias Mangiapane: “‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is the mother of reality TV.”

Matthias Mangiapane is at home on reality shows: Jungle Camp, “Hot or Scrap”, “Battle of the Reality Stars”, “Summer House of the Stars”, “The Big Celebrity Penance” and many more. The 40-year-old even filmed his wedding to Hubert Fella, 55, in a six-part documentary. However, the seasoned reality TV star ennobles “Celebrity Big Brother” as the “mother of reality TV” and promises: “I see it as a great experiment and I am 100 percent committed to ‘Celebrity Big Brother.'”

Paulina Ljubas: “I have everything to offer, from drama to level ten climbing.”

Paulina Ljubas’ career began in 2020 at “Köln 50667”. After being expelled for bad behavior, she made a name for herself through various dating formats: in “Temptation Island VIP” her loyalty test with her partner failed. In “Ex on the Beach,” old feelings for Yasin Mohamed flared up again, including sex on camera. The 26-year-old promises of her time on “Celebrity Big Brother”: “I definitely bring momentum to the house. I like to laugh a lot and I have everything to offer, from drama to level ten climbing.”

Magician Philo: “It’s an honor to be part of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.”

From an early age, Philo felt called to become an entertainer. At the age of 21, the now 41-year-old was able to make a living with magic. Today Philo travels around the world as a magician and mentalist. With “Celebrity Big Brother” he is breaking new ground: “‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is my first reality format. I chose it consciously because it is a veteran of reality TV. When you consider how long ‘Big Brother’ has been around, it is an honor to be there.”

Exclusive information about 24/7 live streaming on JoynPLUS+

Please be present when residents are under 24-hour camera surveillance beginning Saturday, November 18, 2023. in the live broadcast on Joyn PLUS+ give. “Celebrity Big Brother” begins live on SAT.1 on Monday, November 20, 2023 at 8:15 pm Then it goes to “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show” live every day on SAT.1 and on Joyn.

All previous residents at a glance

Big Brother has already revealed a total of ten residents for the new season:

· Peter Klein, pop singer

· Yeliz Koc, reality star and influencer

· Patricia Blanco, reality television star

· Dilara Kruse, wife of the player

· Dominik Stuckmann, Bachelor

· Matthias Mangiapane, reality television star

· Manuela Wisbeck, actress

· Ron Bielecki, scandal broadcaster

· Paulina Ljubas, reality star and influencer

· Philo, magician

Who gets the wild card?

You could vote on the Joyn app until November 12: Who gets the wild card and can move into the “Big Brother” house with Peter Klein, Patricia Blanco and other well-known celebrities? You can see all the wild card candidates at a glance here.

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