Defeat in Wetzlar: I have never returned to the usual rhythm

Gummersbach – VfL Gummersbach is defeated by HSG Wetzlar after a mixed performance – ‘RPP – Rehabilitation and Outpatient Therapy Center’ and AggerEnergie present the report on VfL Gummersbach.

By Uli Klein

A few weeks ago there was no doubt that the Gummersbach handball players would travel to the away game in Wetzlar as clear favorites. But a lot has changed since mid-September: Although VfL is still having an extraordinarily strong season in the Handball Bundesliga, a lot has happened with the Hessian hosts in recent months.

[VfL-Coach Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson verzweifelte an den Fehlern seiner Spieler.]

Bottom line: After the catastrophic false start to the new season with 0:8 points and some hard knocks, HSG has now recovered and is heading towards the middle of the table.

Furthermore, a real coup occurred at the beginning of October, when the “big” THW Kiel was eliminated from the DHB Cup, even away from home, in the fjord.

It was therefore clear that a stressful evening awaited the Hessian Oberbergische on Monday. And so, for the Oberbergisches, everything came to an unpleasant end. The favorite VfL had to deservedly admit defeat to the strong HSG.


HSG Wetzlar – VfL Gummersbach 33:31 (17:13).

Frank Carstens summed it up well. “I think we brought a little more emotion to the game today than our rivals,” explained the HSG Wetzlar coach about his boys’ surprising home victory on Monday afternoon by 33:31 (17:13) over the team. that he had been playing. VfL Gummersbach has been so strong lately.

[Vom Siebenmeterstrich eine Bank: Milos Vujovic.]

Of course, this was only part of the truth, VfL captain Julian Köster highlighted from Gummersbach’s perspective another important aspect of the painful and unnecessary industrial accident in the interview after the heated 60 minutes in the Buderus Arena in Wetzlar : “We didn’t make it.” Maintain a defense as strong as in the last two games.”

But even this assessment only partially explains the blue and white defeat. Rather, after their convincing performances in the recent past, the Oberbergische team did not perform as well as they did recently against the top teams from Berlin and Melsungen. VfL’s appearance in twelfth place in the standings had started promisingly for the Oberbergische. Less than three minutes had passed before Giorgi Tskhovrebadze and Ole Pregel scored a quick 0-2 lead, but this opening phase was in no way intended to dictate the general direction of the match.

[Lenny Rubin war in der ersten Hälfte nicht zu stoppen für Gummersbachs Defensive.]

Rather, Wetzlar quickly equalized (2:2) and then took control of the match in this first moment. And so it was: while the home team fought with dedication, the unpleasant bacillus of negligence quickly took root among the guests. On defense they did not have any access to defensive shooters Lenny Rubin or Stefan Cavor, nor could they effectively prevent passes to the circle. The middle block was only partially standing.

And since they also fell behind in rebounds off the post and crossbar or goalkeepers Rebmann (6 saves) and Ivanisevic (4 saves) by half a dozen in the first 30 minutes alone, it is not surprising that the home team had one. after just under 25 minutes he had gained a lead of 14:11. Also because, in addition to their deficiencies in defense, the Gummersbachers also repeatedly revealed strikingly unusual deficiencies in their forward movement.

[In den Schlusssekunden kam es noch zu einer kleinen Rudelbildung, die aber ohne Konsequenzen blieb.]

Circle runners Ellidi Vidarsson and Kristjan Horzen failed several times in the best opportunities and their colleagues also turned out to be late in the premium opportunities. Furthermore, “we managed to take the pace away from VfL,” explained Rubin before the break.

However, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson’s boys managed to get close to the home team again. In the middle of the second half of the match, not only did it come to their turn (23:23/43 and 25:25/49), but they even had the opportunity to take the lead themselves before the decisive time began. However, the indoor team had long begun to feel that they were heading towards their second home victory of the season and did not want to let this opportunity be missed at any cost.

[An den VfL-Fans lag die Niederlage am wenigsten: Sie sorgten für gute Stimmung in der Buderus Arena.]

On the contrary: HSG had a second wind, took the lead at 28:25 and when HSG’s substitute goalkeeper Adnan Suljakovic again spectacularly hindered a Gummersbach counterattack, the question of the winner of the night was clarified.

Wetzlar: Lenny Rubin (8), Domen Novak (6/3), Vladimir Vranjes (5), Stefan Cavor (4), Magnus Fredriksen, Emil Mellegard (3 each), Nemanja Zelenovic (2), Rasmus Ejlersen, Hendrik Wagner (1 each) ).

Gummersbach: Milos Vujovic (11/7), Julian Köster, Giorgi Tskhovrebadze (4 each), Miro Schluroff, Ole Pregel (3 each), Lukas Blohme (2), Ellidi Vidarsson, Dominik Mappes, Kristjan Horzen, Tom Kiesler (1 each) .

Time penalties

6:10 minutes (2x Wagner, Ejlersen – 2x Zeman, Horzen, Vidarsson, Kiesler)

seven meters

3/4 – 7/7 (Novak fails due to Ivanisevic – Vujovic with confidence)




André Kolb/Markus Kauth (Taufkirchen/Augsburg)

Results and table

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