“Designed by people who have never been to a club”

Many games have discotheques, including Cyberpunk 2077 and Starfield. But while one of the RPGs receives praise, the other receives criticism.

What kind of comparison is this? Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077 are two extremely ambitious sci-fi RPGs. In both titles, players can visit various locations, such as nightclubs or bars, and get a glimpse of the nightlife of NPCs.

There is now a video on the Mordor YouTube channel comparing the clubs in the two RPGs. While the Maelstrom-occupied “Totentanz” enters the ring for Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield is represented by the “Astral Lounge” club, which can be found on the planet Neon.

You can see the video comparing both clubs here:

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“Starfield nightclubs are what 12-year-olds imagine nightclubs to be like.”

How does the comparison work? Cyberpunk 2077 clearly wins in the club comparison. Many reviews speak positively about Night City’s clubs and bars. The attention to detail, atmosphere and behavior of the NPCs are especially praised.

Overall, Starfield doesn’t fare well in the comparison. One gamer aptly sums up the difference between nightclubs on YouTube in a comment, writing:

  • “The main difference is that in Starfield the NPCs constantly emphasize in dialogue how much fun they are having, whereas in Cyberpunk the NPCs are actually having fun.”

Overall, there is a lot of praise for Cyberpunk 2077 and criticism for Starfield’s Astral Lounge:

  • “The Starfield nightclub was designed by people who have never been to a nightclub.”
  • “The way they muted the music in CP2077 and then made it clear when you walk in is amazing and very immersive!”
  • “The Starfield club feels like the end of the night when the lights come on and almost everyone leaves because the club is closing.”

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — Official Trailer

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But the comparison between the clubs was not only discussed by gamers on YouTube. There are also numerous comments on the topic on Reddit. Many of them follow a similar line and mainly praise Cyberpunk 2077.

  • “I spent a ton of time in this cyberpunk nightclub. It felt so realistic […]. Everything from the music to the darkness and smoke and fog somehow made me nostalgic for my rave days. What a great backdrop (via Reddit)!”
  • “CP2077 looks a lot more fun. Reminds me of the underground raves in our city 15 years ago (via Reddit).”
  • “Starfield nightclubs are what 12-year-olds imagine nightclubs to be. “It looks like Cyberpunk 2077 was created by someone who once did drugs in a nightclub (via Reddit).”

Shortly after the release of Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 and the Phantom Liberty DLC, players compared the two RPGs against each other. Cyberpunk 2077 emerged as the winner of the comparison, which is confirmed by a look at the clubs.

One gamer wrote at the time that Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur’s Gate 3 were must-watches for RPG fans, but Starfield could be skipped without missing anything.

“I like a protagonist with music”: Players compare Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 with Starfield and have a clear winner

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