Diablo 4 update for world bosses has fans arguing

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New season, new luck? A recent change from Blizzard to Diablo 4 is causing a heated debate among fans that won’t be easy to calm down.

Irvine, California – With the “Season of Blood” patch, Blizzard was able to attract many fans back to Lilith’s underworld. After the lost Season 1 finale, Diablo 4 was in dire need of new content. But Schnetzel fans are especially hotly arguing about one new change: high-level world bosses have been given their fair share of extra lives. While this is too much for some Slayers because they just want to loot and level up in a relaxed way, others are thirsty for an even more demanding hack-fest. Is there still no ideal world in damn hell?

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Release (initial publication date) June 6, 2023
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Diablo 4: Big World Boss Fight

What’s going on with Diablo world bosses? While Diablo 4’s almost meditative gameplay was able to convince many players when it was released, die-hard fans quickly became thirsty for more. The world bosses in particular were too easy for many Hunters. Actually, this end-game challenge was meant to particularly challenge players and reward them with rare loot if they succeeded.

So Blizzard reworked the battles with the new season 2, “Season of Blood,” and made them more challenging. Bosses are now too difficult for some and too easy for others. There’s a debate on Reddit that’s almost as heated as the upgraded boss battles.

“I hope Blizzard doesn’t listen to you”: Diablo 4 update for world bosses leaves fans arguing © Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4: War for World Bosses

Diablo 4’s boss battle on Reddit: Reddit user IIIBossnectarIII put the ax in motion with his assessment. “I see a lot of people getting angry because world bosses are too difficult. I just wanted to say: Please don’t get on Blizzard’s nerves again! They finally feel like a challenge and that’s good. If anything could make the excitement even better, it would be a guaranteed unique drop!But the Reddit community is divided:

  • alfmrf: “To be honest, I need [die Welten-Bosse] even more advantages. At least in the world ranking 3 and 4.
  • SquashForDinenr: “Incredible that people [über zu einfache Bosse] complain. They are still a joke. […] People kill level 90 bosses at level 70 or 80 without any problem.
  • Fluffy pancake lover: “I fought a world rank 2 boss with 20 other players. It was an absolute massacre. It was fun to see so many ghosts and players running from the spawn point to the boss.”
  • socoprime: “I hope Blizzard doesn’t listen to you. Diablo never had intense difficulty like Souls-likes. It should only be difficult until you are properly equipped. After that it becomes one flow.”
  • Dungeonmasterryan1: “World bosses shouldn’t be a challenge: they’re loot piñatas.”
  • sandman663: “Honestly, they should polish the bosses. It is simply impossible to fail them unless your entire group is below par.”

This is how strong the bosses are in season 2: Lilith’s strongest servants, world bosses, have received a major health boost with the Diablo 4 seasonal update. All bosses starting at level 60 are affected. They gradually gained up to 150% more health. Newcomers don’t have to worry about being immediately dismantled by the masters of the world. However, your higher level characters will suffer more.

The fanbase also seems to be divided into these two camps: the casual players who want to relax and dismantle the hellspawn at the end of the day and feel the strength of their own character. On the other hand, there are the professionals who have already dealt with all facets of looting and for whom the demands cannot be high enough. Satisfying both groups is an extremely fine balancing act that Blizzard must master here.

Of course, world bosses are not only tough, but they also drop the rarest items. So rare that some Diablo 4 players don’t even know how rare their loot really is.

Have you tried Hell’s Blood and want to dive back into Diablo 4? Here you will find all the items you can loot from the different world bosses in Diablo 4. We have also put together a tier list of the best Diablo 4 classes for you.

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