Does magnesium help with sleep problems and anxiety?

It is one of the most important minerals in the body and currently seems to be the star among dietary supplements. Videos about the health benefits of magnesium have over 1 billion total views on Tiktok. Many people who post videos like this claim that they have been able to sleep better and have less anxiety since taking magnesium supplements. Géraldine Fankhauser (43), pharmacist and general manager of the Spiez pharmacy at Spiez BE, answers the most important questions on the subject.

Does magnesium help with sleep and anxiety problems?

Yes, a magnesium preparation can help with these problems, says Fankhauser: “As magnesium helps relax the muscles and nervous system, it reduces the level of stress throughout the body.” This means you will be able to fall and stay asleep better and be less anxious. “It is beneficial to take magnesium after dinner so you can take advantage of the relaxing effect at night.” To treat severe anxiety or sleep problems, taking magnesium alone isn’t enough, Fankhauser says.

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