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Since January 2023, she has been the coach of the Swiss women’s national team. After less than a year, the association and Inka Grings (45) separated by mutual agreement.

Switzerland occupies last place in the Nations League after four rounds with zero points and a goal difference of -13. Therefore, Olympic qualification is ruled out. But the reason for the separation is another.

She says: “To relieve the pressure on the team and the association due to current events, I decided to take this step with a heavy heart. It was an exciting time for me, with many great experiences as a national coach. I really enjoyed supporting the project and saw a lot of potential in the team. “It was an honor to be able to represent Switzerland internationally.”

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By topicality he refers to the investigations against Hermann Tecklenburg and SV Straelen. The prosecution had brought charges against the husband of former national team coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg and the president of the first division team. Investigators accuse Tecklenburg of “withholding wages” in 513 cases.

The name Grings also came up.

Between 2019 and 2020 he coached the SV Straelen men’s team. According to the investigation, he would have earned twice what was officially declared. According to Bunte, Grings apparently worked at a company in Tecklenburg, but according to the investigation she was never seen there.

Now Grings defends himself by saying: “I have always correctly indicated on my tax returns all payments I have received.”

She explains: “They accuse me of having paid too low social security contributions. As is well known, social security contributions are paid directly by the employer with the payroll. I did not provide the information about what taxes I had to pay for my employment relationship, but, as in any company, the management or the tax advisor. As a coach, I was just a normal employee of the club. The accusation of complicity in withholding wages is not true. At no time was I entrusted with any managerial activity nor did I carry out any of them.”

Grings denies any blame.

The two-time German European champion continues: “Only through research did I learn that I was supposed to be an employee of a construction company. “I was never aware of this.”

The damage is said to amount to 13,350 euros. According to Johannes Hoppmann, spokesman for the Kleve prosecutor’s office, the 96-time international player agreed to pay a fine.

Grings confirms: “The prosecution obviously saw only a little guilt on my part and offered to suspend proceedings against me in exchange for a small sum of money. For various reasons, which do not constitute an admission of guilt on my part, I accepted this. However, I cannot be accused of intentional misconduct.”

And what’s next for Grings in sporting terms?

Exciting: She should be on the list of the DFB, which must take over the coaching position after the separation of Voss-Tecklenburg. Interim coach Horst Hrubesch, who initially celebrated two victories in the Nations League, is not a permanent solution and, if qualification is achieved, will stop at the latest after the Olympic Games in the summer of 2024.

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