FC Bayern Munich – Alphonso Davies flirts with Real Madrid: FCB between hope and resentment

Uli Hoeneß is known for being a man of old, both donor and patron.

The creator of FC Bayern has experienced football in all its facets and regularly opposes some developments in the sector.

The Patriarch of Tegernsee is particularly displeased by the growing power of player advisors.

“Today there is hardly a player who negotiates for himself and is even present in these conversations,” says Hoeneß in Felix Neureuther’s book “For the Heroes of Tomorrow”: “When Paul Breitner and I were negotiating our contracts then , there “We sat at the table and there was no one else there for us. “We fought, but we figured it all out ourselves.”

Hoeneß versus consultant: “Externally controlled”

Hoeneß’s accusation of the advisor scene: “I see the problem of today’s players mainly in the fact that their advisors control them a little and increasingly externally.” According to him, agents do not have the benefit of their clients in mind, but only their own benefit.

Specifically, Hoeneß has recently been angered by one particular advisor: Pini Zahavi, who, among other things, represents the interests of David Alaba. The honorary president of the German champion record called him a “greedy piranha” in a “double pass” on “Sport1” three years ago. After tough negotiations, the Munich and Alaba teams did not reach an agreement on a new contract, the Austrian moved to Real Madrid on a free transfer in the summer of 2021.

Now Bayern could face a very similar scenario. The Spanish are involved again, once again it is difficult to develop a long-term working document for Bayern and once again an advisor probably provoked Hoeneß’s displeasure. He is referring to Alphonso Davies and his agent Nick Huoseh.

Recently, Huoseh had not missed the opportunity to speak publicly about the state of contract negotiations between Davies and Bayern and the interests of other clubs. They were close to reaching an agreement with FCB, but then sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic and general manager Oliver Kahn were fired and talks were put on hold.

Davies’ advisor praises Real: “I’m a big fan”

“I woke up and got the news that everyone had left at Bayern,” Huoseh said on “TSN” and complained about “too much instability” at the club. And he added: “Perhaps it would be better to wait until 2024 with a new contract.” He admitted that he had already “spoken to other clubs” but that it was just a loose first contact.

Soon with the real t-shirt? Alfonso Davies

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Later, Huoseh specifically praised the Royals, who are reportedly competing intensely for Davies’ services. “Real is a great club, I am a big fan. Real is a great name. When you hear rumors about your protégé, you are proud,” he said in an interview with transfer expert Fabrizio Romano.

Disturbing noises that Bayern officials reluctantly acknowledged.

Bayern asks for an extension: “We want to keep him”

However, his adviser’s comments did little to change his desire to retain Davies. “With us he has become one of the best defenders in the world, of course we want to keep him and I hope he wants it too,” said president Herbert Hainer on the sidelines of the annual general meeting.

New sporting director Christoph Freund also commented on a possible departure for Davies. “I have already spoken with Phonzy’s agent. Real Madrid is not my topic. I am talking to him about our plans with Phonzy here at FC Bayern,” the Austrian revealed in “Sport Bild”. Basically, they want to keep Davies “as long as possible.”

Davies himself keeps a low profile. According to “Sport1”, Madrid’s interest in the 23-year-old is anything but talk. Therefore, a new left-back tops the transfer agenda for the summer, with Davies being the preferred candidate and currently even leaning towards a move to the Santiago Bernabeu.

An almost instant move to Real? Consultant denied

Reports that advisor Huoseh, who regularly fueled the whole affair, vehemently denied. “That’s not true. Phonzy is at the moment at Bayern Munich, that’s where his attention is,” he told “tz” when asked. He was also surprised by the clarity of the reports.

It does not seem far-fetched that Davies, whose current contract is valid until 2025, could dare to undertake a new adventure abroad. The Canadian international has won everything nationally and internationally with Bayern since they signed him almost five years ago. The prospect of a commitment to the world club Madrid traditionally attracts all players.

In any case, Bayern face a huge challenge with the Davies case: compared to Alaba then, there is at least no threat of a free transfer. If Davies really wanted to leave, in the summer he will receive a whopping €50 million, so Davies still has one year left on his contract.

In the coming weeks, perhaps even months, the news about Davies is unlikely to stop, spokesman Huoseh will continue to feed Hoeneß’s slogan of “everything was better before, when the players themselves negotiated.”


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