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Nintendo Switch is slowly coming to an end and almost every major series from the Japanese company has had a new branch. In addition to well-known names like Star Fox or a great F-Zero, which have not yet made the hybrid system happy, there are also smaller titles that I miss very much. I have now listed five of them. Why should they come to Nintendo Switch in 2024? What are its special features? You will discover all this now. Sorting is completely random and does not follow any particular order.

Mario and Luigi

With Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate, Nintendo Switch gets perhaps the two best RPGs of the Italian plumber and Paper Mario: The Origami King is also a… acceptable title, but there is also another series which is currently on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS has had several spin-offs. We are talking about Mario and Luigi. While the Paper Mario series underwent some daring experiments after part 2, the Alphadream series stayed true to itself. Classic turn-based combat with action commands, a charming art style, and an entertaining story made portable gamers happy for many years. Unfortunately, the development studio is now bankrupt and it would be up to Nintendo to find a new studio to develop another spin-off. But in my opinion, Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi are different enough that they can coexist on the same console without any problem.

Wario’s Land

Wario Land: The Shake Dimension is the last part of the series so far


Nintendo’s two big platform mascots currently are Super Mario and Kirby. However, during the Game Boy era there were also the Wario Land titles. Considered at the time as the third Mario Land, the money-hungry adversary of the Italian plumber was quickly able to make a name for himself in the popular genre. The platform games shined with many features that the other series lacked. Thus, the hero is invulnerable in some parts, but if he receives a hit he will be thrown back, which is sometimes even worse than the loss of a life. However, Wario’s virtually indestructible body has other advantages. If he touches a fire source, he turns into flame himself and can destroy the level’s obstacles. Or he gets bitten by a bat and turns into Dracu-Wario. In the levels you will find treasures and secrets, which in one part even caused other areas to change drastically. The same applies to the day and night switching, which ensured that you started relatively few levels over and over again. The special thing about Wario Land 4 was that after reaching the goal you had to quickly go back to the beginning and thus get to know the level again. This mechanic also returned in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, the only console part and so far the last game in the series. After more than 15 years, the time has come to once again send the hero in yellow on a treasure hunt that has nothing to do with microgames.

Rhythm paradise

Anyone who has played a title in the Rhythm Paradise series knows that this is a very special franchise. Rhythm titles use buttons or the touch screen so you can solve various mini-games to the rhythm. Sometimes you have to ride a robot, other times you have to kick a soccer ball at the right time. The humor is sometimes almost similar to that of the WarioWare series, but it is much more demanding, especially if you have no sense of rhythm. However, since the release of Rhythm Paradise Megamix for the Nintendo 3DS, the series has gone quiet. It’s a shame, because the Nintendo Switch with its two removable controllers would be ideal for spontaneous two-player duels. And if we can’t get the Chorus Kids to be Super Smash Bros. fighters, they should at least have a branch of their series on the hybrid console.

Dusk Hotel: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of the West Cape

The CING development team is gone, so I was even more excited when the announcement of Another Code: Recollection was shared during the latest Nintendo Direct. The adventure titles starring Ashley Mizuki Robins are fantastic. They offered an emotional story and exciting puzzles. However, CING had another series that received two spin-offs for the Nintendo DS. In Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West you take on the role of Kyle Hyde, a former police officer who now travels the country as a salesman to find his former police partner. What made the games special was their gameplay. Back then you had to hold the Nintendo DS like it was a book. The graphical style is also exceptional with its black and white drawn character models that could come from the Take On Me music video. Otherwise, the titles have the same strengths as Another Code. A great story and great puzzles, but in a very different style than the teenager’s adventures.

streets of happiness

Bowser has to pay Mario with money. A harsh destiny that you can only experience in Streets of Happiness.

©Nintendo/Square Enix

Yes, I know, the “Itadaki Street” series, as it is called in Japan, is not a pure Nintendo series. But only thanks to the crossover between Super Mario and Dragon Quest were fans in the West able to enjoy this exceptional multiplayer title in 2011 that will never be talked about enough. The gameplay of Streets of Happiness is a mix of Monopoly and the stock market. Your characters run around a game board, buy shops there and decorate them with money. If your opponents fall on the field, they will have to cash out. Highlights: You can also invest unused money in stocks to support the various sectors of the card and make money from sales. If a player manages to acquire all four buildings in a sector, the total value of the street increases. However, if a fellow player has taken over a building you need, you can trade it or buy it from them via hostile takeover for five times the price. As you move around the game board you collect tokens which, if you have a complete game, can be used to level up and receive a cash gift from the bank. The game ends when one of your friends goes bankrupt or when someone reaches the preset target amount. The gameplay is a lot of fun for me and everyone I’ve introduced to the game to, to the point that even today people still set up the Wii or Wii U at get-togethers to play the title. It’s a shame that there are no new games for a modern console yet. It’s time for Square Enix and Nintendo to fix that in 2024.

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