FT3 in Las Vegas also ends with a red flag

07:14 am

Who is the favorite for the classification?

It’s almost impossible to tell because of the latest red flag. In the end, for example, the two Ferrari drivers could no longer set a time and only finished in P16 and P17 after being ahead yesterday.

The fact that the two Red Bull drivers finished P4 and P5 behind Sargeant also suggests (with all due respect to Williams) that the FT3 result is really good.

And even Russell’s best time should be viewed with caution because he had a good slipstream from a McLaren. So let’s be surprised to see what it looks like in about two hours!

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Wolff defends his PK madness

In Darling The Mercedes team boss was asked again about his panic in yesterday’s PK. There he explains that in Las Vegas there are “the usual suspects who just talk bad about everything.”

“If you look at this building, the effort that’s been made here to establish a racetrack in the middle of Las Vegas on the Strip in two years, and then you come in with those little complaints, it’s totally misplaced.”

“And for me it was like my neck broke, like a journalist burst in and started yelling that the track is the latest, and that’s totally unjustified,” Wolff said.

That “is not fair to the performance that has been achieved here.”

6:42 a.m.

Work for Williams

Albon’s crash was not serious, but of course it means that the Williams mechanics now have extra work to do before qualifying, which starts at 9:00 am our time.

And of course, it’s not ideal for Albon himself in terms of self-confidence. Annoying, because the Williams seems to be performing quite well here, although Sargeant’s third position should not be overestimated.

Here are some photos of his accident:

6:34 a.m.

Official statement about the beginning of the debacle

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali and Las Vegas Grand Prix boss Renee Wilm issued a joint statement and explained what happened during the night of training in Las Vegas.

“Our top priority in Formula 1 is the safety of our drivers, employees and fans,” Domenicali and Wilm emphasize in their statement. After a valve cover was damaged at FT1, all the runway covers were removed and filled with sand and asphalt.

“The entire process, from problem identification to solution, took approximately five hours,” he said.

“The decision to undertake this type of renovation was made out of pure caution, as the safety of the drivers, stewards and officials, as well as our fans, is always our top priority. We would like to thank the contractors who remedied the situation. so fast.”

You can find the full story with the full statement here!

6:27 a.m.

FT3: Red flag

Early end of work: Albon has crashed and the red flag is approaching. The race management informs that the session will not be restarted. This means that, surprisingly, the best time is for Russell ahead of Piastri and Sargeant.

Here is the full description:



Photos: F1: Las Vegas Grand Prix (USA) 2023

6:16 am

FT3: final phase

The last 15 minutes are running and now Mercedes also reports: Russell takes the lead with a 1:34.585, he is ahead of the two Red Bulls and Alonso. Behind them we currently have, somewhat surprisingly, Bottas and Sargeant.

But let’s see what happens in the last minutes. Among other things, we are expecting another attack from the Ferraris, something we have not seen for a long time.

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6:02 a.m.

FT3: Verstappen raises the temperature

Sometimes you just have to complain! Verstappen sets a 1:34.653, the first time of the weekend in 34cc. This puts him clearly in the lead, and Perez has also worked his way into second position.

But let’s wait and see what else the Ferraris have up their sleeve. The session is only halfway over.

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05:56 am

FT3: Problems at Red Bull?

Maybe we shouldn’t overestimate the times, but Verstappen is currently “only” in P3 behind the two Ferrari drivers. Yesterday the Scuderia was already ahead.

Is Red Bull just holding back so far or is Ferrari really the favorite for pole here? By the way, only Leclerc could achieve it, since Sainz already faces a sanction.

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