Füllkrug’s clear statement about Terzic! Press conference with filling jug and Ducksch to read

Premiere of the German team! The two former Werder Bremen forwards, Niclas Füllkrug and Marvin Ducksch, stood on the podium together for the first time at a press conference of the DFB team.

Füllkrug also took the opportunity to clarify his statement after the defeat in Stuttgart. “It’s not my place to criticize the coach. “I would never do that either,” he said. SPORT1-Demand.

SPORT1 has the most interesting statements from the press conference in the TICKER to read.

+++ Füllkrug on fan support +++

“I am happy for every fan who comes to us. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it. But we are incredibly proud to represent our country.”

+++ Filling jug on turkey +++

“It is again a small criterion. Türkiye is very busy. Mexico and the United States also had very good performances on the field. We want to build on the achievements of the US trip against Türkiye. “We want our system to evolve and be more secure.”

+++ Füllkrug on training in the national team +++

“The training is very demanding and takes place a lot in the head. The coach wants to encourage us and challenge us. There are many additional tasks. We always have to keep our heads on it and act quickly. This is very important. “I think we are all very committed.”

+++ Ducksch on a Zoff with Füllkrug in Aue +++

“I was a little angry because he didn’t pass the ball to me in one situation. I thought I could have done it easily. I looked at the situation again later. But it wasn’t that easy. Then there was a noise in the cabin. We express our opinion. But that also means they don’t care about each other.”

+++ Füllkrug on the possibility of playing together with Ducksch +++

“Of course we can, we are perfectly coordinated with each other. That may be an option. But it is important to implement our system now.”

+++ Ducksh on what’s “crazy” about him +++

“In Bremen I am a bit free-spirited. I often play very risky and try to start the game with one or two contacts. Of course, mistakes happen too. Anyone who pays close attention to my game knows how many situations I start.”

+++ Füllkrug clarifies Terzic’s statement +++

In SPORT1-Question: “This is something fundamental. I spoke to the coach and made it clear that it was not my intention to criticize him at all. I expressed in the interview that the current approach was not optimal. We expected VfB Stuttgart to be different. But it’s not my place to criticize the coach. I would never do that either. That’s why I’m glad to have the opportunity to clarify this. “The coach changed tactics twice during the match in Stuttgart, but we couldn’t implement it on the pitch.”

+++ Ducksch on his late appointment +++

“It is very important, especially in our business, to focus on performance. I think I’ve been working on myself for the last few years. I try not only to work on strengths, but also on weaknesses. I learned from my mistakes and almost turned the corner. I’m very proud of that. Now the performance has been rewarded.”

+++ Filling the jug on the older forwards +++

“I think it is not an isolated case that forwards improve with age. “As you get older, you become more confident and therefore pose a greater threat to the target.”

+++ Fill the jug with the saying “ugly birds” +++

“So I picked up a small grater from Duckschi. “We’re our own kind, but we’re also kind of nice.”

+++ Ducksch on the nomination +++

“Once they told me during training that I should leave my phone on. When the national coach called me, just for a moment I thought it was a fake call. But I recognized his voice immediately. Of course it’s pure anticipation.”

+++ Filling jug on Ducksch +++

“To be honest, I expected it. I told Duckschi to contact me if he was nominated. It happened like that”.

+++ Ducksch Starts +++

“This was a very special week. Then I immediately spoke to abundance.”

+++ Terzic contradicts Füllkrug +++

Niclas Füllkrug, who now plays for Borussia Dortmund, will surely also have to answer questions about his club. After BVB’s defeat against VfB Stuttgart on Saturday, he said Darling: “We may not have had the perfect approach to playing this game today either.”

This statement could be understood as a silent criticism of coach Edin Terzic. The BVB coach responded that he only shares Füllkrug’s words to a certain extent: “With the same lineup a few days ago against Newcastle, who are also in excellent form, we showed that we can do it differently.”

+++ Ducksch for the first time +++

Surprisingly, Marvin Ducksch was called up by national coach Julian Nagelsmann for the international matches against Turkey and Austria.

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