Heino and Hannelore were inseparable for 44 years: their love in images

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Heino has achieved countless successes as a pop star, but his private life has also been going brilliantly for decades, thanks to Hannelore, the love of his life. The Austrian has died at the age of 81.

1/24The beginning of a happy marriage: folk singer Heino puts the wedding ring on the finger of his bride Hannelore von Auersperg during the civil wedding in the town hall © Horst Ossinger/dpa
Heino and Hannelore
2/24The newlyweds are radiant: a photo of Heino with his Hannelore from 1980, a year after the wedding © United Archives/Imago
Heino and Hannelore: Heino and his wife Hannelore at an equestrian center, Germany around 1981
3/24Heino and Hannelore also shared their love of horses from the beginning © United Archives/Imago
German pop musician and singer Heino and his wife Hannelore watch the traditional Mzumba show at the Heia Safari Ranch near Cape Town.
4/24The two also became enthusiastic about distant countries and other cultures from an early age, such as in 1982, when Heino and Hannelore attended the traditional Mzumba show together at the Heia Safari Ranch near Cape Town, South Africa. © United Archives/Imago
Heino and Hannelore in a performance on June 10, 1985
5/24Not only Heino cuts a fine figure as a pop singer, Hannelore was also born with a passion for music © Horst Galuschka/Imago
Siegfried Fischbacher (left) and Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn (second from right, Siegfried & Roy) with Heino and Hannelore
6/24The couple also had excellent relationships with other celebrities, such as here with the magician duo Siegfried and Roy © Dieter Bauer/Imago
Heino and Hannelore and in the middle Mike Krüger in the television program Welcome to Heino and Hannelore
7/24In 1990, they both appeared in the short-lived TV show “Welcome to Heino and Hannelore” (here with comedian Mike Krüger) on the ARD regional evening show © Horst Galuschka/Imago
The singer Heino with his wife Hannelore
8/24A true family idyll: Heino and Hannelore with their dog by the lake © APress/Imago
Frankfurt Opera Ball 1994 Singer Heino with his wife Hannelore at the Frankfurt Opera Ball, Germany 1994
24/9And the couple also constantly shone in the spotlight, as here at the Frankfurt Opera ball in 1994 © United Archives/Imago
The German singer Heino was appointed honorary pastry chef in Cologne in 1999.
10/24When Heino was named honorary pastry chef in Cologne in 1999, Hannelore was as proud as Oskar © Hermann J. Knippertz/Imago
Heino and Hannelore try a Heino hazelnut cake on Monday, October 13, 2003 at the Anuga food fair in Cologne.
11/24And since you reach the heart through the stomach, from 1996 to 2012 the two ran the Heino town hall café on the market square in Bad Münstereifel © Hermann J. Knippertz/Imago
Welcome to Carmen Nebel IMAGO./Gentzel, December 4, 2004, topic: Recording of the Eurovision program Welcome to Carmen Nebel in Erfurt
12/24Hannelore also accompanied her Heino in “Welcome to Carmen Nebel” (here: 2004 edition) © Eventpress/Imago
Singer Heino and his wife Hannelore Kramm (both GER) meet on the occasion of the television show ARD HEINO - THE SHOW on the 50th anniversary of the stage in Media City in Leipzig
13/24In 2005 they celebrated the pop star’s 50th anniversary together on stage at “Heino – The Show” (ARD) © Scherf/Imago
Leipzig Heino with Hannelore and Florian Silbereisen at the award ceremony
14/24While the next generation, such as Florian Silbereisen, gradually took over the successful industry, Heino remained in the music world and remains loyal to this day. © Mauersberger/Imago
Hannelore and Heino
15/24Even in difficult times, the couple remained supportive, such as in 2005 at the funeral of their friend Franz Antel © Skata/Imago
Heino and Hannelore
16/24The years pass, but Heino’s love for Hannelore endures © Eventpress/Imago
Heino and Hannelore Kramm - Oktoberfest at Schottenhamel in Munich
17/24In 2010 they both celebrated the Munich Oktoberfest in style © APress/Imago
The pop singer Heino Kramm and his wife Hannelore Auersperg at the Schottenhamel Festelt at the Oktoberfest
18/24And in 2012, Heino and Hannelore did not miss the opportunity to celebrate at the largest folk festival in the world and, once again, publicly express their love © Eventpress/Imago
Heino with his wife Hannelore at the LEA Live Entertainment Award 2014
19/24This is what constant support is like: Hannelore with her Heino after he tried to rock in 2014 © Future Image/Imago
Heino with his wife Hannelore at the Smago! Awards Ceremony!  2015 Award at the Mercure Hotel
20/24And another kiss for Heino: the pop star celebrated receiving the coveted Smago! award! in 2015 © Future Image/Imago
    Heino and Hannelore Kramm / Finale of Heidi Klum's Germany's Next Top Model
21/24Neither of them were afraid of publicity: in 2018, Heino and Hannelore even attended the live finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model” together © VISTAPRESS/Imago
Hannelore and Heino kiss after receiving their award for life's work during the Schlagerchampions broadcast
22/24Love can be so beautiful: Heino was honored in 2019 at the “Schlagerchampions” for his life’s work; as a reward he received a kiss from Hannelore © Jan Huebner / Imago
Heino and his wife Hannelore Kramm celebrate their 83rd birthday
23/24Heino celebrated his 83rd birthday with champagne and cake, and of course not without his Hannelore © Baganz Agency/Imago
The musician HEINO with his partner Hannelore KRAM on the red carpet of the Bertelsmann Party 2019
24/24Then, in November 2023, the hard blow of fate: Hannelore dies at the age of 81 – may she rest in peace… © Sven Simon/Imago

Kitzbühel – Pop and folk music star Heino (84) has been married to his Hannelore (81) for 44 years. However, the two have known each other for some time: the “Blau blumen der Gentian” singer met his future wife at the Miss Austria contest in Kitzbühel in 1972, the beginning of a unique love story that lasted decades. . The outstanding couple remains loyal to each other. And that was until the end: on November 15, 2023, it was announced that Hannelore had died at the age of 81.

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