I can’t stand sports shows, but of all things, I was fascinated by an anime about golf.

Of all things, MeinMMO demon Cortyn has been enchanted by a sports anime. Because Birdie Wing manages to make even boring golf great.

The world of anime is big and colorful: there is basically something for every taste. Although I give almost all series a chance, there is one genre that I usually ignore: sports series. Sports like football, handball or volleyball seem incredibly boring to me to watch “in real life”. When everyone is sitting screaming in front of the TV at a World Cup, I usually fall asleep out of boredom before the game starts.

Consequently, I was always skeptical about sports anime. When I was a kid I watched “Kickers” or “Mila Superstar” for lack of alternatives, but they never excited me.

But now it has hit me. Because after much hesitation, I saw “Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story” and it was everything I ever expected.

Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story – Unexpectedly Great Anime

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Birdie Wing tells the story of two young women with a passion for golf.

Aoi Amawashi is considered a promising professional talent at a Japanese school and is currently gaining her first experience in renowned national tournaments. Her mother, who mainly wants to publicize her company, which manufactures sports products, partly exploits it.

Opposite is Eve from the fictional European country of Nafrese. She also plays golf, but for completely different reasons: she earns money playing dubious clandestine games to support her friends, who in turn take care of children who are in the country illegally.

However, Eve’s life takes a dramatic turn when she accidentally plays against Aoi: for the first time in her life she faces a real challenge and the two immediately develop a rivalry and promise to have a real duel in the future.

But thanks to Eve’s “underground golf” activities, she becomes the protégé of a mafia boss and has to play games for him aimed at resolving conflicts between the parties without bloodshed, and in the process finds herself in the line of fire.

Where can you watch Birdie Wing? Birdie Wing is currently available on the Crunchyroll streaming platform. All 25 episodes can be found there.

Birdie Wing thrives on its great characters. Regardless of whether it is the two protagonists, Eve and Aoi, or the numerous supporting characters, such as the crazy Vipére, the members of the mafia or the veteran golf coaches, they all have interesting and understandable stories with exciting twists and well-defined motivations. founded.

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Of course, Birdie Wing also has what we like to call “anime nonsense.” Because different characters have different “special moves” that they use when playing golf. Be it Eve’s “Rainbow Bullets” or other powers of her opponents, which are mostly just a symbol of their years of practice and the focus they put on the sport.

What’s more, Birdie Wing is simply a wonderful and complete experience. The anime finds a worthy and satisfying ending without feeling rushed or giving you the feeling that there has to be a second season.

I’m sure there are many people like me. If you don’t like real-life sports shows, you’ll probably avoid anime as well. But that was, at least in this case, a mistake.

Birdie Wing was a completely complete and compelling experience that opened my mind to sports anime, something I didn’t think would happen anymore.

I can only recommend the series to you. Whether you like sports, great characters, or just a captivating story, you’ll learn some golf terms along the way.

I never found golf particularly exciting. That has changed thanks to Birdie Wing.

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