Ice hockey star Adam Johnson’s terrible accident: his girlfriend makes a sad discovery

Adam Johnson tragically suffered an accident on the ice on October 28th. Image: AP/Paul Vernon


Jannik Sauer

The accidental death of ice hockey star Adam Johnson caused horror around the world. On October 28, the 29-year-old had his throat slit with an ice skate blade during a game with his team Nottingham Panthers in the elite British Ice Hockey League.

The incident was deeply traumatizing for the spectators in the room, as well as for Johnson’s teammates and opponents. German ice hockey fans were also surprised by the fate of the American forward, who played until the summer for the DEL Augsburger Panther club.

Following the incident, South Yorkshire Police launched a manslaughter investigation. A suspect was arrested Tuesday. It is not known if this was Johnson’s opponent: the man’s name was not published. He was released on bail on Wednesday.

Although the global public and many fans have shared his fate since the ice hockey star’s death, Johnson’s tragic death is probably the worst for his family and friends. His girlfriend Ryan Wolfe is said to have made a sad discovery in the apartment they shared in England.

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Adam Johnson Ice Hockey Drama: Heartbreaking News

As USA Today reports, citing two close friends of Johnson’s family, the 24-year-old discovered an engagement ring in the apartment. The portal quotes Scott Pionk, father of one of Johnson’s ice hockey teammates from his college days: “Her grandmother told me that Adam showed her the ring before leaving for England and that he told her he wanted to propose to Ryan.”

Another friend also said, “I’m sure he had an idea.” Johnson and Wolfe had been a couple for more than three years.

Photos of Adam Johnson line the box office at the Hibbing Memorial Building in Hibbing, Minn., Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, as part of a ceremony celebrating the life of the hockey player and Hibbi...

There was great solidarity after the death of Adam Johnson.Image: The Mesabi Daily News / Mark Sauer

According to “Sun”, the ice hockey star’s girlfriend witnessed the accident in the room on October 28. She is said to have skated on the ice to be at Johnson’s side and pray. Rescuers had installed a privacy screen on the ice to protect Johnson from public view. But due to the enormous blood loss, the 29-year-old had no chance: shortly afterwards he succumbed to his serious injury.

At Adam Johnson’s funeral, his girlfriend expressed her sadness in an emotional speech: “You were everything to me. “You were my home, my best friend, my sounding board, my rock, my safe haven and the love of my life,” said the 24-year-old.. She and Johnson met at her home in Minnesota. “I will never stop thinking about you, missing you and loving you until we can be together again. I love you,” Ryan Wolfe said, according to the Sun.

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