Important Treasure Hunt Code Cracked: New Clues

Joko and Klaas organize a treasure hunt.Image: ProSieben / Nadine Rupp / Stefan Gregorowius


Janna Eiserbeck

Last week, Joko and Klaas again won 15 minutes of air time in the fight against their local and judicial broadcaster ProSieben. Since they had not used the minutes they had previously earned, ProSieben was kind enough to allow them to add the times and made another concession: instead of giving them a single airtime on Wednesday nights, The presenters were allowed to go on air every night for a few minutes at 8:15 p.m. for a whole week.

Joko and Klaas’ idea: they called on Germany to search for treasures. Every day there is a new puzzle that must be solved. The goal is to find out the coordinates and find yourself exactly at that location next Tuesday night between 8:30 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. There is a suitcase with a million euros in it. Whoever is able to find it and open it with the correct numerical code wins the money.

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Joko and Klaas treasure hunt: the last clues

It was “probably the most difficult puzzle in television history,” Joko Winterscheidt announced last week, but many fans already have an idea where the suitcase might be. From the first clues, they guess a large city on the 50th parallel. Therefore, only Cologne and Frankfurt would be in question. More puzzles were added over the weekend. These are the latest news.

Friday’s puzzle

On Friday night, the title of the puzzle was “The Lost Kingdom.” The solution number must be the seventh digit of the length.

During the puzzle, Joko and Klaas sat at a table, referred to themselves as “two blanks” and told a story about the “lost kingdom.” It was about a 15th century king who was warned by a farmer about the enemies at the gates. But the king didn’t care until all his farmers left the kingdom. He received comfort from the queen.

When the king stood in front of the gates, there was initially no sign of the enemies until suddenly missiles fell next to the ruler. Joko and Klaas ended the story with the words: “The world rotates 90 degrees, counterclockwise.”

Saturday’s puzzle

On Saturday there was no mystery in the classic sense. Joko and Klaas used their campaign to make a significant call. They linked the solution code for the combination lock to a major concern. Only if the DKMS receives 10,000 new registrations as stem cell donors by Tuesday afternoon will the numerical code be announced. Stella, 25, was also allowed to talk about her blood cancer.

Sunday’s mystery

On Sunday it was already clear that the objective had already been achieved, even far surpassed. Before the new puzzle, Joko and Klaas announced that in the first 24 hours more than 17,000 people had already registered on the DKMS. “Many lives can be saved this way,” says Klaas happily. This means that the lock code will be revealed in any case.

Sunday’s new puzzle was titled “The Poem.” The solution number must represent the fifth digit of the latitude. Joko recited the following poem: “Only one number is essential. It was already mentioned that it was hidden. On the sixth day of the week, the seeker searches with his eyes, not with his hands. A star pronounces special words, only you have to find them . the correct ones and if a light goes out briefly, plug them in to fix it.”

Two more puzzles will be added on Monday and Tuesday. There are a total of 17 solution numbers to guess, seven of which are for latitude and seven for longitude. The three numbers of the combination lock will also be announced on Tuesday when the DKMS registrations of Joko and Klaas have been achieved.

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