Iris Klein creates a moment of shame by moving out

Iris Klein meets her ex Peter in the container.Image: Sat.1/Nadine Rupp


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Beforehand, Saturday the 1st had already generated expectations for the new season of “Celebrity Big Brother”: Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, Iris Klein, had to meet her husband Peter in front of the cameras.

After the weeks-long Wars of the Roses earlier in the year (Iris accuses Peter of cheating on her during the jungle camp shoot), the question naturally arose: How big would this encounter be? The answer was in Monday night’s first episode.

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Since then, fans of good trash TV can look forward to literally two weeks straight of entertainment. This year, Saturday 1 will not only show highlights of the day in the evening episode. There is also a 24-hour live stream on Joyn Plus+, which started two days earlier when the first candidates moved in.

Rule changes cause surprises

At the beginning of the first episode, the well-known moderator duo Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp immediately announce some changes: For the first time there is no luxury zone for candidates. They all live together in a container.

Also, the celebrities in the TV container have to stand guard at night, like in the jungle camp. Lack of sleep and living in a small space: drama seems inevitable. Especially when you take a look at this year’s participant list:

  • Jürgen Milski“Big Brother” veteran
  • Yeliz Koccandidate for “single”
  • Matthias Mangiapanereality TV star
  • Dominik Stuckmannformer bachelor
  • Manuela WisbeckActress
  • Paulina Ljubas“Temptation Island VIP” contestant
  • Ron Bieleckiinfluential people
  • Patricia Blancodaughter of Roberto Blanco
  • Wizard Philomagician
  • Dilara Krusewife of footballer Max Kruse
  • Peter Kleinstill husband of Iris Klein
  • Iris Kleinmother of Daniela Katzenberger
  • Marco Camillatiktoker “mom”

Of course, Sat.1 makes the most of the marital drama in the Klein household. It’s not long before you see Iris Klein standing outside the container in a tight cocktail dress, high heels, and blindfolded. She would soon meet her ex Peter, Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp tease the promising conflict before each commercial break.

On Saturday the 1st he subjects the spectators to torture

In the end, the temporarily blind cat’s mother is left standing in front of the TV bin in the freezing cold for what seemed like three hours until “Big Brother” officially lets her move out. This caused laughter, especially on X (formerly Twitter):

In any case, Katzenberger’s mother did not hesitate to introduce me: “He will never expect me to go,” she said convinced. Just to see Peter’s face is worth participating in “Celebrity Big Brother.” And then he continues with a clear declaration of war:

“You think I’ll let my ex win? Never ever!”

The tension is correspondingly high when Iris Klein enters the container. Was she about to begin the next round of marital slander?

Moment of shame when moving

Iris greets one candidate after another with a hug and exchanges pleasant pleasantries. She then stands in front of her husband Peter. “Hello, my name is Klein!” the 56-year-old says tonelessly. He follows a brief handshake and then turns around again.

Although the tension in the room is palpable, the bomb does not explode just yet. “I’m a grown man,” Peter explains to reassure the other candidates, while Manuela Wisbeck shows Iris the sparsely furnished container. At first, neither of them seems willing to cause a disturbance; instead, they stay apart from each other. But Saturday the 1st there is no respite.

Shortly after Iris moves out, “Big Brother” announces that the Klein couple will have to do some shopping for the group. The residents had already won the money in a game in which they had to throw five-cent coins one by one into a container about a meter away.

The embarrassment factor continues to rise as the two avoid all eye contact and barely exchange a word. The two of them will be able to waste the 40 euros they earned in advance in the container supermarket itself. But Iris and Peter seem to follow different strategies: while he examines one package of pasta after another, Iris searches for Nesquik, Prosecco, nut nougat cream, Flips, Prosecco, iced tea and sparkling wine.

In the end, no one in the container benefits from varied purchases. In order to consume the food, they must first win a second game. “Big Brother” once again sends six celebrities to the playing field.

There, former bachelor Dominik has to balance full glasses of water on a surfboard without touching the studio floor. The other five candidates move the board by rolling under it.

First candidate on the starting list

This is how they transport Dominik and his glasses from the starting point to the destination, where there is a container that must be filled with the water from the glasses. However, the six fail to fill the container to the goal in the allotted time. Therefore, the group has to return all purchases. And it’s time for another day: oatmeal and cold tap water, no more food for celebrities.

Once installed, candidates must designate the first person who must leave the container. In the end, Paulina gets the most votes. She is now on the exit list, to be joined by other residents in the coming days.

Warning, below are blatant spoilers for the new season of “7 vs. “Wild.”

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