Joko talks about a bad high school diploma

Joko is in “Who Steals My Show?” just hard to beat.Image: ProSieben/Florida TV / Julian Mathieu


Bleranda Shabani

Cabaret artist Hazel Brugger and actors Matthias Schweighöfer and Florian David Fitz arrive this week in the third round of “Who Steals My Show?” They want to steal Joko’s show. This week, wildcard candidate Nimul was able to fight for a place among the candidates.

Nimul is 30 years old and works for Viva con Agua. When Joko asked her why she wanted to steal the show, she replied: “Because then I wasn’t in the Tigerenten Club, that’s why I do it now.” Joko replies: “Absolutely comparable programs.”

Joko Winterscheidt reveals his average in high school

The evening usually begins with the “Five Easy Questions” section. Everyone can correctly answer the first question (“What’s the name of last week’s joker?”) with “Nico.” “If we were a football club, we would be called FC Schlau,” says Hazel.

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To which Joko replies: “I wouldn’t be one of them because I have a 3.7 high school diploma.” Matthias Schweighöfer confesses: “I had a 3.4 baccalaureate, but we are something now. You can applaud it.”

Florian David Fritz fails when asked about El Hotzo

The next match carries some risk. Participants have the option to bet on a correct answer and double their points with a surprise question. After Florian answers a question correctly, he decides to gamble and face the surprise question.

But this question is complicated for him. She heads to the world of social media. When the question “What is the name of author Sebastian Hotz on social media?” When asked, Florian literally crawls to Hazel Brugger, who knows the answer. She’s almost begging him to tell her.

The correct answer is El Hotzo. In the end he fails on this issue and therefore loses his argument. This means that he is now after Hazel Brugger. But that doesn’t stop him from catching up with Hazel, because at the end of this round it’s all over for her. As the last place finalist, she has to leave the show. For Matthias, Florian and wildcard candidate Nimul, the fight for Joko’s show continues.

For the next round, candidates will have to search for the answer in the study. The game is called “The answer is whoever brings” because the candidates have to bring the answer to Joko. To do this, the ideal is to run fast and think logically while doing so. The answer must be sought in the form of an object in the studio. You should look up the name of a popular Japanese soup. Florian is the fastest and starts running immediately.

“Flo, I’ll get you, you tramp,” Matthias yells at him. You are looking for a framework that reflects the answer “Ramen soup”. Matthias finds the first object and wins the first point. After that he is very motivated and can no longer contain himself: “I can’t feel my legs anymore,” he says. In the end he falls to the ground, but still goes to the next round as the winner with 13 points. For wild card candidate Nimul, at this point he is done.

Matthias Schweighöfer breaks record

Florian David Fitz and Matthias Schweighöfer return to the semi-finals this week. In this crucial round, Matthias has 72 points, while Florian has 35 points. An unusually high number of points were awarded in the previous game, making such a high score possible. After Joko said goodbye to wildcard candidate Nimul, the semi-finalists and moderator Joko dressed in typical raft clothing. “I put on a red helmet to distinguish us,” Joko jokes.

In the semifinals, the two candidates will have to give their all again. Florian and Matthias now have to read on the teleprompter at a certain speed and fill in the gaps with the correct answers. Meanwhile, they have to simulate a raft ride and are sprayed with water. Florian David Fitz is the first to board the raft and leaves the game with a lead of 95 points. But that changes quickly, as Matthias manages to match Florian’s score on his raft ride and eventually reaches the final with 141 points. There has never been a score like this before.

Matthias Schweighöfer steals Joko’s show

Matthias Schweighöfer and Joko Winterscheidt will meet again in the final. The challenge is that Joko’s answers always count for one point, regardless of whether they are correct or not. However, this does not apply if Matthias uses one of the three gold coins he has purchased. In this case, Joko loses a point if his answer is incorrect.

Therefore, Matthias must not only answer the questions correctly, but also evaluate whether Joko’s answers are correct. The first person to reach five points will host the show next week. Katrin Bauerfeind will moderate the final.

After several rounds of questions, Katrin Bauerfeind poses the final question: “What is the name of the Brazilian fusion of martial arts and dance?” “I’ll tell you right away, I want to enjoy the moment for a moment,” Matthias replies and looks Joko straight in the eyes, but bursts out laughing. The correct answer is Capoeira. Matthias knows how to answer the question correctly and gets the first five points ahead of Joko.

“It’s clear: Matthias Schweighöfer steals the spotlight from Joko Winterscheidt,” announces Katrin Bauerfeind. This means that he won the final. As the winner, you will have the privilege of hosting the show next week. He seals his triumph with the signing of the moderation contract.

It was the anniversary show of and with Giovanni Zarrella on ZDF. On Saturday, the singer and presenter presented his tenth edition of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” live on television. However, one important person was missing from this event.

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