Kate and William: how a dress sparked their love

For Princess Kate and Prince William, a college friendship turned into great love. A transparent dress is partly responsible for this.

Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (41) are the dream couple of the British royal family. While the two presented themselves to the public as a rather secretive unit for many years, now, 13 years after their engagement on November 16, 2010, everyone can see their deep love. William and Kate Royal’s fans repeatedly delight their fans with romantic gestures, whether affectionate glances, holding hands or even a grip on the butt, and prove that they belong to each other.

Princess Kate and Prince William: She caught his attention with a transparent dress

Princess Kate is now known for her unfailingly timeless and elegant style, with which she can impress at any royal date. But Prince William met the 41-year-old woman during her studies with a rather atypical appearance for her. At a charity fashion show, Kate, then 20, caught her eye in a sheer dress that revealed her black underwear.

William and Kate: there was a spark between the two about ten years after their first meeting

But before the two officially met in college, their paths crossed at a hockey game at their schools, according to “Vogue.” At that time they were only nine years old. It would be about ten years before they met again and there was finally a spark between the two.

Princess Kate turned ‘bright red’ when she met William

Both William and Kate studied at the elite University of St. Andrews in Scotland in the 2000s. Kate, like the Prince of Wales, studied art history; the latter then moved on to geography. That’s why it was almost inevitable that the two would meet. In her engagement interview in 2010, Kate revealed that she was very shy at the time. “I think you said I turned bright red when I met you and ran away,” she recalls, according to the Daily Mail, of her now-husband’s attempted introduction.

The relationship of today’s dream couple began in a friendly way

Despite their shy nature, Kate and William developed a good friendship, but did not fall madly in love. They became roommates, lived in an apartment with other friends, and shared everyday college life.

With this dress, Princess Kate wowed her prince at the 2002 charity show.
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Turning point: William saw Kate differently after the parade

According to the Daily Mail, both were at a charity fashion show in their first year of studies. While Kate tried her hand at modeling, Prince William was said to have sat at a table near the catwalk, for which he reportedly paid £200. This meant he had a clear view of the stage as Kate floated down the catwalk in a sheer minidress. This vision made him see Kate in a whole new light, the Mirror reports. However, the romantic relationship between the two did not develop immediately after the parade, but rather slowly developed in their everyday student life.

“Time for me”: The royal couple separated for a few months

Prince William and his Princess Kate have been married for about 12 years, but fans had to wait many years to get engaged. The first time they appeared in public as a couple was in 2004, during a skiing holiday together in Switzerland.

But before William asked Kate the big question in 2010, the couple had to pass a litmus test: in 2007 they separated for a few months. Later, according to the Daily Mail, the prince explained that they had just given each other time to get to know each other better. Kate also confirmed: “I think you can get pretty tired in a relationship when you’re younger, and I really valued that time for myself, even if I didn’t see it that way at the time.” Fans of both could breathe a sigh of relief again shortly after: Kate and William were seen kissing again at a party in July 2007, according to the Daily Mail.

William only shared his secret engagement plans with the Queen.

Three more years passed before the Prince of Wales got down on one knee in front of his common-law girlfriend. He chose a romantic trip to Kenya; The two had booked a cabin with friends on the edge of the Mount Kenya massif. At that time, it is said that only his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (†96), knew of his specific plans.

Emotional gesture: Prince William gave Kate his late mother’s engagement ring

Three weeks earlier, he had given her the special jewel he wanted to put on Kate’s finger: the engagement ring of his mother, Princess Diana († 36). According to the Daily Mail, the prince later reported in his official engagement announcement that he wanted exactly this ring for his proposal. This meant that his mother could participate in this special event even after her death.

Shortly before the engagement, Queen Elizabeth II feared for the reputation of the royal family

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the Queen is said to have insisted that Kate and William’s engagement be postponed. She feared for the royal family’s reputation after the young couple were often photographed on ski holidays while Kate had no official job. The then regent would have liked more if Kate had accepted a job before the engagement was announced. In the end, however, there was no postponement.

Kate Middleton said yes to her prince in a lace dream on April 29, 2011, and her love is now crowned by her three children, Princess Charlotte (8), Prince George (10) and Prince Louis (5 ).

Bumpy start: their first date ended in disaster

Bumpy start: their first date ended in disaster
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