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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 you level up your weapons in record time. CoD players fear that the new XP cheat could soon be weakened. Is that how it works.

Hamburg – MW3 has just been released and there is already the first really strong level hack for the new Call of Duty. Zombie mode gives you an impressive 3000 XP per second without much effort. In the guide we also show 6 other tips and methods to gain a lot of experience in multiplayer or Warzone. This way you can quickly get all the weapon accessories and camouflages.

MW3: Level up quickly – get 3000 XP in a second in the new Call of Duty

This is how you level up quickly in MW3 Zombies: In just 20 minutes you will have a new weapon at the highest level. This is how you quickly unblock all attachments. But the best thing is that you will barely have to fire your weapon. This is how the XP trick works in MW3 step by step:

  1. Start the new zombie mode “Operation Deadbolt” in Modern Warfare 3; The ideal is to activate an XP token.
  2. When it comes to equipment, you select “secured weapons,” not “contraband.” Select the weapon you want to level up as a secured weapon here.
  3. Equip the “Energy Mine” as field equipment.
  4. Find the PHD Flopper drink (Dr. Nite) or make it in the machine. With the extra tail you cause an explosion when you lie down and the dolphin jumps.
  5. Call the evacuation helicopter. Run around the helicopter to attract massive hordes of zombies.
  6. Use the energy mine (field equipment) and boom, it rains XP. A zombie horde that is defeated with a single hit grants up to 3000 experience per second.
  7. Let the helicopter fly and wait for it to return: farm the new zombies.
MW3 Zombies: PHD Flopper Drink (Dr. Niete) quickly charges your energy minefield team with explosions. © Activision (montage)

Will XP cheat be weakened? The Call of Duty developers have not yet commented on this (as of November 10 at 11 am). However, it should be assumed that such leveling methods will change fairly quickly in updates. However, there is no mention of this in the new patch for MW3 with over 100 changes.

Here you can see the MW3 Zombies XP hack in action on YouTube:

Level these weapons first: In the comments to the video, many write that you come first. Rocket launchers, snipers and shotguns must be leveled up. Because if the XP cheat needs to be nerfed, these weapons, which are traditionally harder to level up, have already been fixed. This is especially important for camouflage hunters. If you’re only interested in attachments, level up your favorite meta weapons. But we also have other XP tips for you.

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MW3 and Warzone: Tips to level up quickly and get XP

There are several methods to level weapons quickly: If you want to level up your weapons quickly in Warzone or MW3, you have several options to choose from. There are a total of six methods if you have purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

  1. Use Double XP Tokens: Activate your tokens to get double weapon XP. You will always receive these tokens in-game and in the Battle Pass (also free). So be careful with them and use them whenever you can. However, tokens expire in real time and not during game time. So use it only if you can spend maximum time in the game.
  2. Exploit XP Events: Call of Duty hosts the so-called Double XP Weekend about once a month. These dates are usually longer than a simple weekend and are an opportunity to level up. Here’s more information about XP events in CoD.
  3. Meet challenges and contracts: In MW3 there is a strong focus on challenges. You can quickly accumulate XP through daily, weekly, and weapon challenges. But you have to adapt your playing style to the tasks. Contracts in Warzone provide a lot of experience points if you complete them successfully. Safecracker and Secret Data don’t even require a death and are very easy.
  4. Play DMZ or Zombies: DMZ or the new zombie mode is ideal for leveling up weapons quickly. Each AI kill gives you experience points. Equip the leveling weapon in your secured slot and go hunting. But be careful, cannon fodder is sometimes very precise. It is best to use a silencer and shoot from a distance if possible.
  5. Play in a group (PlayStation only): Warzone or MW3 multiplayer is more fun in a group anyway. If you play in a party on PS5 or PS4, you’ll also get a 25% XP bonus.
  6. Buy Battle Pass: The Battle Pass also has advantages in Warzone 2 and MW3. If you accumulate 1,100 CoD points (10 euros), you will receive a 10% XP bonus throughout the season.

Anyone who has been busy in MW2 and Warzone has reason to be happy: because all you have to do is level up the new weapons and take your already upgraded weapons and more to the new CoD: you can take all this with you in the new MW3 .

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