MMORPG is considered an insider tip on Steam and has 84% ​​positive reviews

Project: Gorgon doesn’t look very good graphically, but it is considered a real secret among MMORPGs due to its special features. However, the number of players has decreased to such an extent that the title can no longer be refinanced. If this does not change quickly, there will be no more updates in the future, the developers have announced.

What exactly do the developers say? The team, which previously consisted of three developers, is running out of money. In a blog post it is said that they will not close the MMORPG because there is currently enough money coming in through VIP memberships.

However, the game will no longer have an active full-time developer in the future, so even major updates will be put on hold for the time being. However, there will still be rudimentary support and regular patches with bug fixes. What will happen in the future will be decided in 2024:

We can’t spend much time developing new content or features at this time. Instead, we’ll move into part-time development while we regroup, save some money, and figure out the best way to move forward. […]

Next year we will see how the finances are and consider our options. In the long term, this could be the end of Project: Gorgon, yes. But not necessarily!

The team itself is struggling with some problems. Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers, two of the employees, are married and previously worked together at Sony (EverQuest 2) and Turbine (Asheron’s Call). However, Sandra Powers is currently fighting cancer, which is very expensive in the United States.

But there is still a small ray of hope. A new mega dungeon was released with the November 10 patch. There are also seasonal events coming up through the end of the year. The developers hope this will win back some players and raise more money.

This video gives you an idea of ​​the game:

Project: Gorgon – Steam Launch Trailer

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An insider tip on Steam, but it only has 150 players at its peak

What is Project: Gorgona? The indie MMORPG wants to transport you back to the days of old titles like EverQuest and Asheron’s Call. Great attention is paid to exploration and the 50 associated skills. There is a separate level for almost every activity, such as gardening, mushroom hunting, blacksmithing, and even killing.

The game impresses with a somewhat crazy plot, which is sometimes not always easy to understand. Some quests require you to read everything carefully and not just kill 5 boars.

There’s also accommodation, open trading with your own market stall, and NPCs who recognize you and declare you friend or enemy.

How is that received? Project Gorgon has a total of 1,873 reviews on Steam, which are 84% positive. This makes it one of the 10 highest rated MMORPGs on Steam. MMORPG YouTuber Entenburg has also tried it and also raves about it in his video (via YouTube).

However, it also has its problems. These include the weak graphics and the high level of difficulty. Because if you are not careful enough, you will simply die here. Some reviews also complain that the beginning is good, but at the end it is clearly noticeable that some places are too empty and you have to try again and again.

This is also reflected in the number of players. In October, Project: Gorgon barely repeatedly broke the 150 concurrent player mark. Since the developers’ contribution, the numbers briefly surpassed the 250 mark.

The MMORPG is Buy2Play and you first have to pay 33.99 euros to fully immerse yourself in the world. However, there is a free demo that you can easily download through Steam.

What are your impressions of Project: Gorgona? And do you think the MMORPG can still be saved?

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