Player betrays powerful alliance in MMORPG EVE, where he was for 10 years: “I trusted him”

In the space MMORPG EVE Online, there was a betrayal in the powerful Goonswarm alliance: an important member returned after a long break and was entrusted with a position of power by the alliance leader. But the “old friend” had now defected to the enemy and was shamelessly exploiting his trust.

This was the situation:

  • Goonswarm has long been a powerful alliance in EVE Online, and its leader is now Asher Elias. He is the heir of the powerful space tyrant “The Mittani”.
  • A former Alliance commander who was a member of them for almost a decade has now returned after a long break: Jay Amazingness.
  • Since the headmaster had known him for a long time, they got along well in private and spoke regularly, Asher did something that would otherwise be taboo: he gave the returnee back all of his rights as “headmaster.” You don’t normally do that. Because in EVE the rule is: “Don’t trust anyone.”

Asher says in a conversation with mmorpg.com_

He recently returned to EVE and I gave him the director’s position because I trust him. I would say he is the person I trust the most in EVE.

The new Havoc expansion released yesterday in EVE Online:

EVE Online finally lets you be truly evil – new Havoc expansion trailer

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The scam came without warning.

This was the scam: Without any indication that anything was wrong, Jay used his new power and removed the Jump Clone service from a Goonswarm structure.

This inevitably leads to the destruction of all 52,670 Jump Clones on the station, which would be a setback for Goonswarm. It would limit their ability to respond and leave the Alliance vulnerable to their enemies, the PanFam.

Jump Clones are EVE Online clones that can be placed on stations, structures, or capital ships. They allow players to switch to them without having to physically travel to the location. Therefore, jump clones are of great strategic importance so that players in an alliance can react quickly.

But apparently this move was just a setup for a robbery: Jay has now stolen huge amounts of money from their cooperation, as well as capital ships and more.

As Asher says, it would take about 3 months to recover the losses. Fortunately for Goonswarm, server maintenance prevented the worst and saved at least 70% of the Jump Clones.

This means that 52,670 clones would be destroyed. A hard knock. (Image source:

“Jay is currently stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.”

That’s what the alliance leader says.A: The head of the alliance still doesn’t understand what exactly happened. He says he didn’t suspect Jay at all and spoke to him the day of the robbery. He never let it be known that he was dissatisfied or that he had any problems.

We were friends and we were talking, then I wake up, my phone rings and someone tells me: Jay is stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.

What does the scammer say? He doesn’t make any comments. However, he added the phrase in his player profile: “Sometimes we need a villain, it’s an exciting story.”

And Jay Amazingness is now a member of Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm’s archenemies.

I never liked those “This is EVE” stories – I still don’t like them.

How does the alliance leader remember the incident?? Asher says, “I know those “This is EVE” stories, but I never liked them and I still don’t. My site used to benefit from them, so I would never say that. [dieses Verhalten] It’s unfair, but I’m saddened by the loss of trust and the loss of a friend.

“I’ve been pretty sad the last 24 hours and it’s not because my starship guild lost money.”

With the “This is EVE” story, Asher apparently means something like this:

He lost everything he built in 14 years of EVE Online in 1 hour

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