RTL makes a crucial mistake with Show

Valentina Doronina caused a lot of trouble at the “Summer House of the Stars.”image: rtl


Janna Eiserbeck

Only a few programs on German television contain as much potential for conflict and drama as “Sommerhaus der Stars.” The RTL show has already provided some memorable television moments. However, not in a positive sense.

Consider Georgina Fleur’s ex-fiancée Kubilay’s spitting attack on former Bachelor Andrej Mangold. But the way the couples interacted with each other also made people shake their heads.

Mike Cees-Monballijn repeatedly belittled his wife Michelle Monballijn and even wanted to ban her from talking to other participants. Farmer Patrick was rarely charming to Antonia. And then there are the current candidates Maurice and Ricarda. He also couldn’t resist lashing out at his girlfriend again and again.

Valentina Doronina does what is expected of her

These are just some of the chasms that open again and again, especially between people, in the RTL format. However, or probably precisely because of this, it has been one of the most successful formats on television for years.

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However, one thing stands out: RTL wants to improve every season. Only at some point will we reach the tip of the iceberg.

Game result announcement.  The use of material related to the program is only permitted with reference and link to RTL+.

In 2023, new climbs took place in the “Sommerhaus”.Image: RTL

This year those responsible sent the personified drama to the “Summer House” along with Valentina Doronina and her friend Can Kaplan. She did what was expected of her: mocking, complaining, starting fires, to the point of outright escalation.

The creators of “Summer House” go too far

However, RTL went too far on two points: If you bring Valentina to your house, you don’t have to invite several of her enemies with you. The creators of “Sommerhaus” were probably also aware that new formats are quickly created with it.

That’s how it was on “Celebrity Big Brother,” where he repeatedly criticized Jeremy Fragrance. However, he did not let himself be bothered and did not respond much to his verbal attacks. However, the candidates selected by the production for the “summer house” usually have a shorter fuse. The unpleasant living conditions of the place and the lots of alcohol do the rest.

Hanna (left) and Jessi during the game.  The use of material related to the program is only permitted with reference and link to RTL+.  +++ The use of material related to the transmission...

Maurice also repeatedly provoked arguments.Image: rtl

Although all this should have been clear to those responsible for RTL, they probably wanted to play it safe with the level of escalation and initially brought one of Valentina’s opponents, Aleks Petrovic, to the program and a little later Gigi Birofio, or more like his girlfriend. Dana Feist. Trash TV fans probably knew before the season started that this couldn’t last long.

RTL bet

RTL exploited the drama surrounding Valentina and Aleks for weeks. When things between the two were almost harmonious, the announcer basically set off the hand grenade, with certainly unintended consequences.

After the fights, Valentina and Can, as well as Gigi and Dana had to leave the show. For Valentina the issue did not end there: long before the broadcast she demanded that RTL show “the truth.” She felt like she was being misrepresented before the season even started. RTL largely kept a low profile on the issue and only emphasized that it does not tolerate violence.

Of course, the escalation did not affect the program, or rather the ratings. But RTL could have problems later. Because how can the drama of this year’s season be topped in the future?

RTL has already “fried” trash celebrities with the shortest fuse of the program. Elena Miras, Mike Cees or currently Maurice, Aleks, Gigi and Valentina. To get better, you need one thing above all else: trashy young celebrities. After all: RTL is right at the source with programs like “Are You The One?”, “Ex on the Beach” or “Bachelor in Paradise”…

Things couldn’t be going better for Shirin David right now. She is currently part of “The Voice of Germany” as a coach and is also on her first big live tour as a rapper. She and her fans have been waiting for the tour for a long time, now the time has come. Shirin started on November 6 in Stuttgart and on Tuesday afternoon she took the stage in Oberhausen. However, there was a small incident there.

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