Taylor Swift boycotted by radio stations because of Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift recently received support from Travis Kelce on his “Eras” tour. Image: IMAGO images/Latin America News Agency


Vera Siebnich

Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce has been in the news for weeks. Last weekend, the soccer star flew to Argentina to attend one of Taylor’s concerts.

As one of their performances had to be postponed due to weather, the couple suddenly had a lot of unplanned time for each other. “We stayed at the hotel, just for us,” Travis explained somewhat mysteriously on his podcast this week.

While Taylor performs in Brazil this weekend, she’s causing a stir in her homeland. A radio station has now announced that it will stop playing the singer’s songs for several days starting this Friday. The reason for this has to do with his new partner.

Taylor Swift: Support for Travis causes problems

Since Taylor and Travis started dating, the singer has been a regular guest at Kansas City Chiefs stadium games. Taylor enthusiastically supported Travis and repeatedly appeared on his team’s merchandise. Her fans really like the fact that she so openly supports her partner’s team. Others, however, obviously see it differently.

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A Philadelphia radio station has announced that it will no longer play Taylor’s songs for the time being. The boycott lasts from 5 p.m. on Friday until the end of the Chiefs’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday.

This was announced by the radio station. During this time, station Q102 will not play “Love Story,” “Cruel Summer” or other songs by the pop star.

The radio station supports the Eagles very openly, and on its X profile it repeatedly shares posts about the team Travis’s brother Jason plays for. “Karma is… come on birds!” says one tweet, an obvious reference to Taylor’s expression of love for Travis last weekend. During her performance in Buenos Aires, the singer changed a lyric from her song “Karma” and sang “Karma is the guy from the Chiefs who comes straight to me” instead of the original lyrics when Travis was in the stadium. .

FILE - October 22, 2023, USA, Philadelphia: American football: NFL Professional League, Philadelphia Eagles - Miami Dolphins;  Main round, main round games, day seven: Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (...

Taylor Swift was recently a regular at the Kansas City Chiefs stadium.Image: AP/Charlie Riedel

Is Taylor an Eagles fan?

Which makes all of this particularly explosive: Taylor was considered a Philadelphia Eagles fan, at least before her relationship with Travis. As Dailymail reports, she was spotted in New York City in the summer wearing a team jersey. But obviously that didn’t protect them from the Q102 boycott.

As remains the case, it is not yet clear in advance whether Taylor will be at the stadium on Tuesday. On Sunday night he will give his last concert in Rio de Janeiro. The following week they will also continue in Brazil.

Fans probably won’t know until Tuesday if she will fly back to the United States to support Travis. In any case, Q102 listeners can look forward to a few days without Taylor.

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