That’s the amount of money the government spends designing it.

Coalition government ministers and secretaries of state spent a lot of money on its design in 2023. A list shows the extent.

To what extent does it increase? federal government Services related to external beauty? This question was answered by traffic light coalition ministers, summarized in a published draft. The small request was submitted in writing by Bundestag member Stephan Brandner (AfD). The document shows that politicians, their civil servants and parliamentary secretaries of state pay a lot for make-up artists and hairdressers. After all, in addition to the modern appearance, the head is also part of the visual appearance.

Elegant hairstyle: this is how much the government spends on hairstyle

According to the answer to the question, the federal government has spent around 186,000 euros in this regard since the beginning of 2023. According to the list, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the largest part: the ministry of Annalena Baerbock (Greens) has spent 98,770 euros on hairstyles and cosmetics since January (until October 12). Since the German Foreign Minister travels a lot around the world, this embarrassing high-level position makes sense: after all Baerbock most of the dates come true, for which she is prepared accordingly.

The Federal Chancellery under Olaf Scholz (SPD) is cheaper, the expense is 23,013 euros, but it still occupies second place in the ranking. The Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection, on the other hand, skimps: the financial outlay for the AfD application is only 550 euros. The minister responsible is Robert Habeck and months ago he made the news because he was looking for a photographic partner for hundreds of thousands of euros a year.

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The federal government and beauty spending: Is Lindner frugal?

Christian Lindner’s Ministry of Finance (FDP) reports only 1,833 euros. What stands out most in the list of hairdressing and cosmetics expenses is the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs: Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) and the State Secretaries appear in the document with 20,909 euros. Other elements:

  • Ministry of the Interior and Homeland (Nancy Faeser/SPD): €6839
  • Ministry of labor and social affairs (Hubert Heil/SPD): €3069
  • Ministry of Defence (boris pistorius/CDU): €3870
  • Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (Steffi Lemke/Green): 5333 euros

In form 20/9077 the federal commissioner for culture and media of the federal government is mentioned with an impressive amount of 11,170 euros; The person responsible for this area is Claudia Roth, from the Green Party. Karl Lauterbach’s Ministry of Health is currently one of the ministries not listed.

Public spending: the hairstyle has to be right: the former chancellor continues to take advantage of the offer today

According to the information, the list of federal ministries includes possible surcharges for activities and travel materials. What is missing from the listed costs, however, are the travel expenses themselves: the corresponding section explains: “Possible travel expenses in the framework of a trip as part of an official delegation are not accounted for separately and are not are included here.”

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In the summer of 2023, Reiner Holznagel, president of the Taxpayers Association, criticized Image, that it is difficult to convince taxpayers to “pay politicians’ makeup artists and hairdressers.” He advocated that costs be “reduced to the essential minimum” and that, in case of doubt, expenses be borne by the government ministers themselves. He daily mirror Meanwhile, former Chancellor Angela Merkel still has her own (independent) assistant, who looks after the Union politician’s hair and styling when she travels. These costs (around 3,000 euros per month) are also borne by the German State.

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