The candidate surprises Jauch with a strange chop

Their candidates repeatedly ask Günther Jauch for help. Image: RTL+ / Who wants to be a millionaire?


Daniel Guggeis

Günther Jauch spent an entertaining but also surprising evening in the November 13 edition of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” In particular, former primary school janitor Georg Malkowsky made the competition director very happy. After all, the pensioner fulfilled “his lifelong dream” by participating in the show, as he himself said.

While Malkowsky answered the questions effortlessly, Jauch expected more difficult questions. Because the pensioner, who last week went to the question of 2,000 euros, reached the question of 16,000 euros without losing a single wild card. Only a trick question about the US states led to the Joker’s first appearance in this “WWM” evening. The public helped the former janitor, who despite the help of moderator Jauch would not have come up with Iowa.

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Suddenly, a silver wedding becomes a divorce celebration.

The candidate, originally from Lower Saxony, then spoke to Jauch about his musical performances at weddings. In this context he lived an extremely strange silver wedding anniversary. Because a couple told him in confidence that they would announce his divorce at the celebration of their 25 years of marriage, accompanied by his music: “Then they said that he also plays with divorces,” Malkowsky remembers. Günther Jauch couldn’t believe it at first and asked how the atmosphere was. The clear answer:

“That was the best party I’ve ever had.”

Malkowsky spent almost all of his wild cards on the following sports question for 64,000 euros: In 1985, the last time he won a…? It was in 1985:

A: French the Tour de France
B: British Wimbledon
C: Berliner the Berlin Marathon
D: Indians the Indy 500.

Günther Jauch gets involved

Günther Jauch often hears strange stories in “WWM”.image: rtl+

The question reached the public, but no one dared to answer it for a long time. Jauch has already talked about emptying the studio if no one gets up. An older man sacrificed himself and was at least able to rule out some answers. He then recommended the 50:50 wild card.

This led the 77-year-old candidate to the correct answer. A. Günther Jauch, bewildered, admitted to having briefly forgotten Becker’s victory at Wimbledon in 1985. The pensioner’s trip cost him 64,000 euros and he would like to invest the money in a fishing holiday in Canada.

The teacher brings a cheat sheet to Jauch

Next candidate Nils Grundmann, from near Harburg, was visibly excited to be the next candidate. The teacher needs new windows, that would be his main wish to win “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Thus, the educator did not have to tremble much until the question of 4,000 euros; Only one math question made the student from Lower Saxony briefly hesitate. A question about the Italian Bolognese dish led Jauch to ask about the professor’s domestic pigs.

Günther Jauch said that the pigs looked delicious, but Grundmann immediately refused: “Whatever has a name is not included in the food, the Lutzi and the Uwe.” Ironically, the answer to the next question about the work of the new federal commissioner Ariane Karie is “animal protection.” The candidate pulled out a cheat sheet for this question, but he didn’t want to cheat. It only contained the themes of his telephone pranksters.

The telephone prankster ended up helping the professor and made him earn at least 32,000 euros. But the professor was left out of the 64,000 euro question about NBA professionals. Other candidates are four women and one man. Günther Jauch crossed his fingers for the women and Anna Rohr qualified next. The official took less risk and did not use a wild card. The first time the candidate was puzzled when asked about a world-famous role-playing game and its abbreviation WoW.

The telephone Joker does not know the world famous tennis player

The question about what was presented at the 1986 Munich Oktoberfest made the official fail on the question of 32,000 euros. She assumed cola and lemonade, but for the first time non-alcoholic beer was served. The 16,000 euros prize is at least enough to take the desired boat trip.

The last candidate of the night is radio volunteer Julia Weidt from Rhineland-Palatinate. Günther Jauch first greeted us with his place of residence. He spoke of Berg Badzabern instead of Bad Bergzabern, which the candidate did not like: the journalist had a little more difficulty with the first questions, but he needed the joker here and there and often read too much into the questionnaire questions. As Jauch stated: “They answer questions that are not even asked.”

Julia Weidt tested Jauch's nerves.

Julia Weidt tested Jauch’s nerves.image: RTL

At the end of the broadcast, the radio presenter was left without 4,000 euros because she simply could not find tennis player Anna Kurnikova’s former spouse, Enrique Iglesias. Previously, his telephone prankster from the sports department did not even know the Russian tennis player. This at least made Jauch smile.

Last week, Joko and Klaas again won 15 minutes of air time in the fight against their local and judicial broadcaster ProSieben. Since they had not used the minutes they had previously earned, ProSieben was kind enough to allow them to add the times and made another concession: instead of giving them a single airtime on Wednesday nights, The presenters were allowed to go on air every night for a few minutes at 8:15 p.m. for a whole week.

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