‘The most powerful weapon in over 4 years of CoD’: With just one hidden build you can get the seemingly most powerful weapon in MW3

Price here! Check out the DG-58!

It usually doesn’t take long for Call of Duty fans to discover the strongest shooting hits for the shooter series’ latest multiplayer mode. Also this year highlights a weapon from the beginning of CoD Modern Warfare 3 that could dominate the so-called meta (i.e. collecting the best equipment). And all you have to do is flip an option switch.

A volley rifle as the most powerful weapon in the game?

Unlike previous parts, explosive weapons have a difficult position in the weapons meta of modern CoD branches. If YouTuber FourEyes has his way, this should change in MW3.

This is done using the manual fire option, where you can fire single-shot or burst weapons continuously with the trigger held down. As you can see here in the video at minute 1:20:

PSA: There’s a setting to turn burst guns (DG-28) into FULL AUTO guns in #MWIII and it basically breaks the game😲

If this isn’t removed/nerfed it will take over Multiplayer by the end of the week…

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Here’s how you do it: pic.twitter.com/IAz1aRKrjV

— FourEyes (@FourEyesYT) November 13, 2023

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Not bad, but not fully automatic, as FourEyes calls the shooting mode, as a three-ball volley is followed by a pause. This option is also longer than when tapped.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the hidden “automatic” function

The DG-58 kills enemies at most ranges with a single volley, as long as you hit each bullet or at least land a headshot at longer ranges. Additionally, the weapon’s recoil is extremely low, making it fundamentally very powerful.

Due to, among other things, its potential to kill with a single burst, the weapon was also banned in the official esports rules.

If you are right on top of the enemy, you usually get it with a volley.

If you are right on top of the enemy, you usually get it with a volley.

introduce yourself to her [Controller] and then [Gameplay] he [Manuellfeuer-Verhalten] in [Halten] You can shoot volleys automatically as described by FourEyes, so you have to work less on the game panel and can pay more attention to your positional play or movement.

But there are also serious points of criticism: For example, the rate of fire of real automatic weapons is clearly higher, so a missed shot with the DG-58 is much more serious than, for example, with the immensely flexible MCW.

Additionally, manual fire options have a devastating effect on other single-shot weapons. In the case of pistols and DMRs, the bullets slow down a lot, making them almost unusable.

In comparison, you can see how much our weapons stop in one shot:

I tested the manual firing behavior in CoD MW3, and that's why you should leave it as standard

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I tested the manual firing behavior in CoD MW3, and that’s why you should leave it as standard

Almost all non-autos, aside from the DG-58, are far behind their full potential.

The best overall controller settings in Modern Warfare 3 can be found here:

Not a jack of all trades

Due to the high damage, low recoil and very high firing rate, the DG-58 with continuous manual fire should be an excellent choice for many beginners. The professionals among you will probably despise all the restrictions this option creates.

Especially if you are extremely quick when pulling the trigger.

Additionally, the weapon hack shouldn’t go unnoticed for long, so a nerf is very likely coming soon. Until then, you can still experiment a little with the option.

Or does it fail you in principle? Maybe it only becomes interesting because of the “continuous fire”?

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