The Twitter pearls of November 20, 2023

Good evening, dear readers! Like every Monday, today we meet here again to celebrate together by candlelight and with good humor. After all, it is the most feared day of the entire week, which we have already overcome and left behind. Bravo and congratulations, you can definitely be proud of yourself. So grab a book, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, and snuggle up on the couch with your coziest blanket. Put aside thoughts about stressful work days, you deserve it. Because it’s Monday night and we should all take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Before, of course, our finds of the day await you here, which we hope will provide you with a peaceful evening. We wish you good entertainment, staying stable and fresh all night long!

#1: You can’t really imagine it, can you?

#2: Even the cousin gets scared

#3: Is there any evidence against it?

#4: Apparently the Pumuckl is still around there

#5: The price is completely justified

#6: Feel free to think about it from time to time

#7: Go ahead!

#8: The main thing is comfort

#9: All of us, right?

#10: Because it’s true

For everyone who missed our last episode “Twitter Pearls reacts…”:

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