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It is THE new regulation for “ The Voice”, which has great potential to cause problems. In “team fights,” the talents of the coaches continually challenge each other to get a “hot bench.”

However, you shouldn’t get too comfortable on the sidelines: the next challenge may lead to the finale after a public vote.

Not only is the talent affected, Friday night’s decisions were also difficult for the coaches. While While Bill Kaulitz (34) continued to complain about the other coaches’ decisions, Ronan Keating (46) was completely confused after a decision.

A few hot seats make for heated scenes on “The Voice.”

Photo: Richard Hübner/Sat.1/ProSieben

“We are under endless attack”

At the beginning of the second team fight, the four hot seats were divided equally between the coaches. However, this would soon change: one talent after another challenged the competitors.

Bill Kaulitz was already exhausted: “I never thought this would affect us so emotionally!”

And then also this: after Bill and Tom Kaulitz (34) brought candidate Laura out of the hot seat with her Naomi (19) and a cover of her own Tokio Hotel song “Don’t jump”, Ronan Keating (46) went into attack. position .

Brothers Bill and Tom, of course, try to take their talents to the end.

Brothers Bill and Tom, of course, try to take their talents to the end.

Photo: ProSieben/SAT.1 / Richard Hübner

With Alex (24) he challenged Sebastián (38) from “Team Toll”. Bill reacted, offended: “I always take it very personally, Ronan.”

Ronan couldn’t challenge them for the hot spot this time, but Shirin David (28) and Richard (20) got their turn to challenge a talent. Ronan spoke to Shirin; he really wanted her to choose a “Team Toll” candidate as her opponent: “Bill and Tom have two spots. Don’t forget that!”

Bill didn’t think it was funny at all: “Ronny, now this is getting dirty!”

In fact, Sebastian was once again chosen as the opponent, now Bill angrily complained: “We are being attacked endlessly here today!” However, Shirin was able to celebrate shortly after: Richard had taken the “Team Tolls” bench with “Jealous”.

Ronan Keating received harsh words from Bill Kaulitz

Ronan Keating received harsh words from Bill Kaulitz

Photo: PeoSieben/SAT.1/Andre Kowalski

“I’m leaving right now!”

The twins’ revenge was not long in coming: with their talent Marc Altergott (16) they wanted to challenge Richard again for the hot spot. Bill was very happy with his plan, while Tom tried to appease Shirin: “It’s not personal.”

Bill later revealed that wasn’t entirely true: “There was a bit of revenge involved. Of course we take it a little personally.” After Marc performed “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys and the public vote was pending, Tom’s nervousness began to make its mark.

Shirin's talent, Marc, made Bill and Tom nervous.

Shirin’s talent, Marc, made Bill and Tom nervous.

Photo: André Kowalski/ProSieben/SAT.1

He tore his hair so much that even presenter Thore Schölermann (39) noticed: “Tom, you’re completely disheveled!”

Shortly after, the voting group (a representative and neutral part of the studio audience) made a decision: Richard, Shirin’s talent, had to leave his hot seat, Bill and Tom resumed their hot seat with Marc. Shirin became frustrated: “From today onwards I will no longer be available.”

Even jury member Shirin became frustrated during the course of the show.

Even jury member Shirin became frustrated during the course of the show.

Photo: André Kowalski/SAT.1/ProSieben

Bill smiled, of course, but then his facial features fell apart again. This time Ronan attacked again, with Anne (17). Bill’s mood was at its lowest point: “What? Apology? I’m leaving right now! “I really resent him for that now.”

Ronan Keating devastated

Anne’s version of “Reflection” not only made the audience cry, Ronan was also overwhelmed and enthusiastically embraced her talent: “Wow! Awesome!” Even competitor Giovanni Zarrella (45) had to admit: “Anne’s not on my team, but there’s a superstar there.” Bill’s stomach turned, however, he was worried about Marc’s hot seat: “I feel that bad. I feel like I’m going to throw up right here on stage. What are you doing to us?

Despite a mega performance, Anne had to leave

Despite a mega performance, Anne had to leave

Photo: André Kowalski/ProSieben/SAT.1

However, the public’s decision made Ronan nervous. Surprisingly, Anne had to “ The voice“The left that had excited me so much.

An incomprehensible decision for the technician. He reacted, more stunned than ever: “Wow, I’m very confused. This is crazy”. And he added in disbelief: “My heart is broken. No, that’s not right. “What the fuck?!”

By the end of the evening, however, all the cars were shaken. Bill groaned, “I need a break now. I can not anymore.” The Kaulitz twins had the biggest laughs: after that night they sent two talents to the semi-finals.

On the other hand, Giovanni Zarrella left empty-handed and did not occupy a single hot seat. Frustrated, he concluded: “Today was a brutal day. “We entered the race with three talents and no talent made it to the semifinals.”

The next team fights will continue next Friday.

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