Third league: the weather gods play along

November 19, 2023, 9:00 am

The first attempt failed, on Sunday SG Dynamo Dresden will make their second attempt against 1. FC Saarbrücken. And it will work, because on Sunday morning the Ludwigspark space commission gave the green light.

Dynamo players Jakob Lewald and Paul Will on October 29 in the (aborted) match against 1. FC Saarbrücken.
Photo rights: IMAGO / Dennis Hetzschold

The SG Dynamo Dresden players cannot relax during the international break. On Sunday (November 19), the third division leader will try to play the full 90 minutes against 1. FC Saarbrücken. After the water fight on October 29, when the match was canceled at half-time because the pitch was unplayable with the score 0-0, the matchday 13 match will now be played in Ludwigspark at starting at 1:30 p.m. Sports in the East live and everything you need to know is available in the audio stream (at and on the SpiOapplication).

Green light after site inspection on Sunday morning

The weather gods play along. During the field inspection on Sunday morning, the Ludwigspark grass was classified as playable. That’s why, despite the rain, no puddles formed on the field. In addition, no more precipitation is expected at the moment. This is the new news from Saarbrücken.

SGD coach Start: “It will be a difficult task for us”

SGD coach Markus started training this week in the same way as before the first scheduled match in Saarbrücken. With the addition: “We had one more day than usual in the training week.” As is known, after the match against Dynamo was abandoned, Saarland hosted FC Bayern Munich in the DFB Cup and defeated the record champions 2-1.

Dynamo coach Markus has been aiming from the beginning to achieve his twelfth victory of the season with the black and yellow.
Image rights: IMAGO/Lutz Hentschel

Which, of course, the SGD coach observed carefully: “We are playing against a team that has shown its potential. You can beat Bayern Munich maybe once every ten games. But first you have to have quality, once to win” . For the Dresden team this means: “Saarbrücken will defend with strength and concentration and try to create points. For us it will be a difficult task.”

“All the other players are basically at our disposal”

As for personnel, Paul Lehmann, Kyrylo Melichenko, who underwent knee surgery in Cologne, Jonas Oehmichen (team coach) and goalkeeper Erik Hermann will still be missing. Lucas Cueto also trained this week, “but he is still physically behind.” “In principle, all other players are at our disposal,” Beginning said.

The atmosphere at 1. FC Saarbrücken was tense

The atmosphere at Dynamo’s rival, 1. FC Saarbrücken, is tense after the surprise victory against Bayern. The hit could not hide the fact that things are not going well in the league. Rüdiger Ziehl’s team has not won in five league games and with 15 points the black and blue are in 15th place (two more comebacks: against Dynamo Dresden and MSV Duisburg). During the 2-3 defeat against 1860 Munich the first cries of “Out” were heard.

FCS coach Rüdiger Ziehl’s team has been chasing victory for five league games.
Image rights: IMAGO / Saarland football news

FCS coach Ziehl: “Dresden has great individual quality”

The FCS coach values ​​the leader Dinamo Dresden very positively: “They always play with the same system, they have processes that work well and great individual quality.” That is why his team “must be present from the beginning on Sunday and have a good performance.” for 90 minutes Get performance. The field will surely not be in optimal conditions, but we assume that it will be playable.”

Gaus assists Civeja with the Albanian U21

Ziehl will have to do without Tim Civeja, who assisted Marcel Gaus, who scored 2-1 against Munich. Civeja received an invitation to the Albania U21 team. Luca Kerber, who was recently on the bench, could take the midfielder’s place.

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