This is how striped knitted sweaters look casually in autumn

This season the stripes shed their nautical image and become an absolutely trendy print. How do you best pair a stylish striped sweater? How about one of these seven variants? From the unusual to the classic, there is sure to be a style to suit everyone.

Striped sweater autumn/winter 2023/24: that’s what matters

They are also called Breton sweaters or known as maritime style sweaters – striped knitted sweaters. The classic color combination is a dark color such as dark blue or black and a light color such as beige, cream or white. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light stripes on a dark sweater or the other way around: the striped knitted sweater adds a maritime touch and therefore looks perfect sailor hat – and French elegance.

Because it was none other than Coco Chanel who brought the striped look of French fishermen and soldiers to the catwalk, made it socially acceptable and forever linked it to French fashion.

The spacious and cozy style is especially popular this season. Oversized cut, but the short and cropped style has also established itself among striped sweaters. No matter what model arrives in your closet, you’ll always be confident with these style tips.

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#1 elegant and comfortable

Combine the classic striped sweater in the trendy oversized style with wide-leg trousers or jeans to create a stylish and extremely comfortable everyday look. The look is completed with Ballerinas or loafers in old and modern style. Still looking for something eye-catching for your color-coordinated ensemble? A red lipstick with ice blue eyeshadow, like the one Selena Gomez just wore at Fashion Week 2023 in Paris, is perfect!

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#2 totally relaxed

A wide-cut striped sweater with mini, midi or maxi skirts and dresses looks totally relaxed. Pair the striped sweater in an oversized look with a fitted skirt for a beautifully balanced look. Also practical: the beloved Summer dress Get ready for fall in no time with a warm striped sweater! Add tights, ankle boots or boots to be ready to look fresh on cold days.

Skirts add variety to your wardrobe

#3 simply comfortable

Leggings are very popular right now and can be paired with a striped sweater to create a super casual and comfortable outfit. You determine your look with your choice of shoes: sneakers for a relaxed look, ankle boots that make the look stylish, boots, a hat and a scarf, you are ready for winter. For a cozy look on the sofa, a pair of thick wool socks is enough.

#4 elegant and business-friendly

For a stylish look, combine the striped autumn sweater with slightly flared trousers and a blazer. The outfit is especially elegant with a two-tone look: a light sweater with dark stripes, black flared leggings and a light jacket. Ankle boots or ankle boots with a small heel complete the elegant ensemble and are suitable even for business.

#5 a little rebellious

Are you looking for the right pieces to combine with your striped sweater for a cool evening look? What if Leather or faux fur? The combination is modern, elegant and a little rebellious, and your look will be seasoned with a pinch of rock’n’roll. It doesn’t matter if it’s a leather skirt or leather pants, both look great with a striped sweater.

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#6 sporty and very good taste

The college look is also a popular trend in autumn/winter 2023/24: what could be better than a preppy-style striped sweater? Striped polo neck sweaters are an absolute must-have this season! Optionally with buttons, zipper or nothing: the collar of the polo gives it a sporty and elegant look.

The striped knit sweater combines well as an oversized model with flared leggings or in combination with white shirt blouse to the classic pleated skirt of the school uniform.

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#7 casual and extra short

The cropped trend also includes striped knit sweaters. In addition to tops and jackets, the cozy striped sweaters for women are now also available in an extra short version. The cropped sweater ends at the waist and looks great with casual high-waisted jeans. It looks elegant in a two-tone combination with high-waisted pants.

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