Thomas Gottschalk reveals a delicate detail from “Wetten, dass…?”, despite the ZDF muzzle

Thomas Gottschalk will direct “Wetten,dass..?” for the last time on November 25.Image: dpa / Philipp von Ditfurth


Janna Eiserbeck

Thomas Gottschalk ends “Wetten,dass…?”. One more time. After the presenter ended the program in 2011 and was replaced by Markus Lanz and initially completely buried in 2014, the ZDF program returned to television in 2021 with Thomas Gottschalk.

The last edition will take place next Saturday with showmaster Thomas Gottschalk as moderator. After that we will continue without him. Who is still open with.

What is clear is who will sit next to him on the couch at his last show. In addition to Helene Fischer, Cher, Shirin David and Matthias Schweighöfer will also be invited. This time, however, the search for guests from the US was not so easy, despite personal connections, as Gottschalk explained on his radio show with host Constantin Zöller on SWR3.

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Thomas Gottschalk reveals: The guests rejected him for the finale of “Wetten, dass…?”

When Zöller wanted to know from Gottschalk on Sunday’s joint broadcast, who did he think was the biggest star he had ever met on “Wetten,dass..?” The entertainer did not have to think twice to welcome him. For him, Madonna was always “the biggest thrill,” in a positive sense. But she probably won’t attend the final broadcast. Cher, on the other hand, does. Gottschalk announced that she was the only “old lady” who would not let him down. The presenter alluded to the fact that there were serious problems in getting American stars for the November 25 show.

Many decided not to broadcast because the date coincided with Thanksgiving, as Gottschalk explained. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he had personally requested, turned him down.

ZDF probably won’t like me talking about this cancellation on the radio show. The station prohibited him from constantly talking about those who did not attend the show, as Gottschalk revealed.

Matthias Schweighöfer reveals: Markus Lanz asked more difficult questions

However, the one who accepted the invitation is Matthias Schweighöfer. He will be promoting his new movie on the show. Previously, he chatted with SWR3 about his previous experiences of “Wetten, dass…?” He was a guest several times both at Gottschalk and at the home of his successor Markus Lanz.

January 22, 2023, Hamburg: Markus Lanz, presenter, sitting on the stage of the Thalia Theater on the occasion of the publication of the book about him.  The author and editor-in-chief of the newspaper

After Gottschalk, Markus Lanz moderated “Wetten,dass..?”.Image: dpa / Georg Wendt

Zöller wanted to know who asked him the most difficult questions. “In ML,” he admitted. That didn’t surprise Gottschalk. “I didn’t really care about my guests when it came to content,” he announced, adding that he could only “ask stupid questions.” He was also sure that Lanz’s journalistic experience would come through. Lanz also makes television for today and tomorrow, while he only makes television for yesterday, jokes Gottschalk.

Thomas Gottschalk’s new farewell at ZDF did not leave Matthias Schweighöfer indifferent. “It’s sad that it’s the last broadcast,” he told the moderators. Gottschalk at least has the entertainment factor. He will do it on Saturday in “Wetten,dass..?” prove it one last time.

It is part of the regular program of many crime fans: the “Tatort”. This Sunday ARD broadcasts a new episode with the duo of Stuttgart researchers. But this time everything is a little different than usual: the “crime scene” breaks its routine.

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