Urs Fischer receives thanks from his fans after his separation: the reactions on the Internet

The number of comments in the first hour after the separation of Urs Fischer and 1. FC Union Berlin exceeded what can be read in the club’s posts on social media. By early afternoon, almost 600 comments had been collected on the platform.

Many expressions of condolences to Urs Fischer

Special thanks to Fischer, who guided Köpenicker from the second Bundesliga to the Champions League. “I can’t like it. Urs, thank you for the fantastic time we had together. It may never be so beautiful again. I would have liked to keep you. You will always remain a union member and feel more than valued. Now I’m sobbing,” read one user a few minutes after the separation was announced, an example of the numerous expressions of sympathy towards the Swiss.

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He himself had used his profiles on the different platforms to review the trip with the Men of Iron and describe his vision of the latest events: “Unfortunately, there are always two sides of a coin and the last few weeks have been very difficult for us. Everything takes a lot of strength. We tried everything, the team spent a lot, fought against this negative spiral with an iron will, unfortunately it did not bear fruit! Sometimes a different face, a different speech from the bench helps a team trigger development and that is why my journey with you will end here,” he wrote on social networks such as Instagram and thanked “the trust and unlimited support that I was able to have.” “To experience this during these 5 and a half years, and I am very grateful! With Union I was able to get to know and appreciate an extraordinary club with fantastic fans.”

In addition to thanking the players, his assistant Markus Hoffmann and the entire team, the president Dirk Zingler, Oskar Kosche and Oliver Ruhnert, as well as all the club’s managers and employees who contributed to this success. story, “in short: A huge thank you to the fans… you are incredible!!!!! “It is very fortunate to have experienced this kind of positive support.”

Rapper Finch thanks Urs Fischer

More than 10,000 people liked these words of farewell and gratitude on Instagram in a short time, more than, for example, the post about qualifying for the Champions League on their profile. Union goalkeeping coach Michael Gspurnig, who is traveling with the Austrian team and was not in Berlin, wrote: “Thank you for everything.” Rapper and Union fan Finch commented on the split under Union’s message: “Players, coaches come and go…but my love for you remains.” And then he wrote this on a story on Instagram: “Worse than the breakup with my ex. Urs, thanks for everything.”

Among all the thanks, only some critical phrases could be found, but they were not completely absent. “Maybe we should have limited ourselves to our own virtues and not thought that we were buying old stars who did not understand the Union at all. For me, “Fischer is now the pawn of a completely wrong personnel policy in the summer,” wrote one fan, who does not see Fischer as solely to blame for the drop to 18th place in the Bundesliga. Another wrote: “Absolutely wrong decision, Urs has proven several times that he can get teams back on track even in the most difficult situations. Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be in the top five. But you also have to be realistic. All the best!”

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