What do you say in presentations?

Nobody loves them, everyone is upset or at least embarrassed by them. Presentations at training courses or seminars are like a playback concert with hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Everyone does their best, but nothing really new happens. Listening to the long parade of names, professions, or your favorite pizza and the hamster’s name feels like a repeat of yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before yesterday. They make minutes seem like hours and trap participants in a lethargic ritual, repeating only the obvious and leaving those present drowning in a sea of ​​trivialities.

To bring some humor and life to the misery of the interview rounds, you can try something different. Icebreaker games would be like a magician’s unexpected appearance in a boring play: a touch of life in a frozen landscape. Or you can limit the presentations to the really interesting facts: perhaps the most unusual hobbies or the strangest travel experiences. At least it would add a touch of entertainment to the arduous process.

Our next thread from Twitter user is also about these types of relaxation exercises. @ed_ju1es. However, you must decide for yourself how practical the individual answers and examples are. They are always entertaining. But read for yourself.

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