“Who steals the show?”: The shameless Schweighöfer verbally attacks Winterscheidt

Who steals the show?

Updated on November 19, 2023 at 11:39 p.m.

For the third time this season, Joko Winterscheidt premiered “Who Steals My Show?” on Sunday afternoon. Because until now the answer to this question has been: “No one!” So will there finally be a change to the moderator’s desk this time? Curiously, the answer to this question lies in the choice of partner of one of the two finalists.

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There are the two finalists, eagerly awaiting your answers. “What is the name of the mix of martial arts and dance that comes from Brazil?” he wants. Katrin Bauerfeind in the finale of “Who Steals the Show?” Joko Winterscheidt and Matthias Schweighöfer know this and one of them already sees themselves on the path to victory: “I know it 100 percent because I live with a Brazilian woman and that means this is already over.”

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That’s it, but before it all ends immediately, you have to start three hours early and here it comes. Joko Winterscheidt Immediately with bad news for the three famous candidates. The moderator realized something: “I also know that you have prepared great shows that people would like to see. We already know: from now on I will no longer be able to moderate, otherwise one of you will not have a chance.” And the participation of the wild card candidate is not even taken into account in this calculation.

Hazel Brugger exposes Winterscheidt’s “ass”

Anyone who until then had only understood “Joko Winterscheidt”: that’s what “Who Steals My Show?” is about: three celebrities, this season Florian David Fitz, Matthias Schweighofer and Hazel Brugger, as well as a candidate from “Normalo”, face each other in several rounds of questions. One candidate is eliminated one after the other and the one with the most points in the end will play the final against Winterscheidt. The winner will be able to present the program the following week. Winterscheidt, as a true regular of the show, tries to keep the scepter and does so with the usual ambition, as Hazel Brugger discovered on Sunday evening after a few minutes.

Hazelnut color“I invited him because I know he has a lot to do,” Winterscheidt begins in a friendly manner, but then makes a verbal check: “We haven’t seen much so far.” So it’s trash talk before the game starts, but Hazel Brugger easily gives a suitable response: “I’m really good at exposing people for their stupidity, which is what I just did to you.”

This sets the tone and begins the first round of quizzes, which traditionally has the clear name “The Easy Five.” “What was the name of the wild card on the last show?” Winterscheidt wants to know at the beginning and here all the candidates get the answer “Nico” right. A completely different picture for question two. He says: “What does the abbreviation TI mean?” and here the answers are very creative, but not correct. Neither the three celebrities nor the wild card candidate Nimul know that IT stands for “information technology.”

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Herten, Herne or Hernte?

“The five easy ones” turn out to be “the five not so easy ones” because they shouldn’t be the only wrong answers. So, the group begins the evening in a mixed way, which will include strange quizzes, some entertaining highlights and an anecdote or two. In the second round, the candidates play the game Song-Song-Song. Songs from two songs were mixed here. The lyrics come from one song, the instrumental from another. Candidates will now have to recognize both songs, including such strange mixes as “Über den Wolken” and “Mein Block” or “Always on My Mind” with the lyrics of “Haus am See”.

A challenge for the candidates, but above all for the band. The other tests of the night are equally strange. Fitz, Brugger and company have to assign the correct quotes to real and fictional people, represent the answers to quiz questions with objects they must find in the studio, or recognize terms using a picture puzzle.

The “Lots, Good Quiz” quiz category offers the most exciting and probably the funniest moment of the evening. As always, candidates have to answer questions there, but they can put the points obtained so far before the resolution. Before the decisive question, Matthias Schweighöfer, wild card candidate, and Florian David Fitz (Hazel Brugger was no longer there) each have 36 points and here Winterscheidt wants to know: “Which one is not a city in the Ruhr area?” He can choose between Herten, Herne and Hernte.

“Salamander, salamander, unarmed ass”

None of the three know the answer, but Matthias Schweighöfer guesses the correct solution: “I did it with salamander, salamander, ass,” explains the actor, stating that he chose Hernte based on a counting rhyme. Joko Winterscheidt still wants to know why Schweighöfer only scored 35 of his 36 points. The actor points out to Winterscheidt that with zero points you lost immediately and he couldn’t know what the others were betting. And since Winterscheidt had already personally explained these rules, Schweighöfer asked his friend: “Are you stupid?”

“I don’t know if the sentence was good,” answers Winterschiedt, also with a view to a possible ending with Schweighöfer, and that should happen. Since Nimul, like Florian David Fitz, was also wrong, but had scored more points, the wild card candidate was finished at this point. Fitz and Schweighöfer face off to see who can compete this time against Joko Winterscheidt in the final and, like last week, Schweighöfer wins.

The race was fought from the beginning and Schweighöfer even missed the opportunity to overtake Winterscheidt. But when Schweighöfer knows that in the motif “The Brotherly Kiss” Leonid Breschnew is seen next to Erich Honecker, while Winterscheidt guesses Nikita Khrushchev, the actor suddenly jumps ahead 4:3 and that takes us to the scene mentioned at the beginning .

Since Schweighöfer’s partner Ruby O. Fee actually has Brazil on her resume and is right about “Capoeira”, “the affair” is already over as the actor predicted and Schweighöfer steals the spotlight from Joko Winterscheidt.

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