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Tonight was incredible in so many ways…

On Monday afternoon, contest moderator Günther Jauch (67) again talked about a lot of money. In “ Who will be a millionaire?“Several guessers expected the proud sum of one million euros. For one of the candidates, however, her position as council president represented a revelation about her private life that she would have liked to avoid.

When Jauch greeted the young radio volunteer Julia Weidt, he paused when mentioning his place of residence in the southern Palatinate: “You come from Berg-Badzabern.” The candidate corrected him, laughing: “That’s called Bad Bergzabern!”

After the 2,000 euro question, Jauch had some private questions for the candidate instead of the next question in the questionnaire. He suddenly wanted to know: “Do you have a boob somehow?” Weidt quickly responded, “Yes, his name is Leon and I feed him every day.” But then she confessed: “I admit, I’ve been incredibly emotional ever since.” this morning. The others were great, they were very relaxed.”

But the moderator did not want to go into details and continued probing: “But is there something more to life?” After the candidate said “yes,” Jauch happily showed him some photographs of Julia Weidt’s private apartment and explained: “Here, we photographed your tit!” Embarrassed, Weidt put his hand to her forehead and moaned, “My God, no!” There was a huge stack of papers that Jauch tried to sort through: “Can you explain it? This looks like a traffic ticket. But it’s not!”

Günther Jauch wanted to know more about the candidate’s procedures

Photo: Stefan Gregorowius/RTL

The candidate has now given up her resistance and regretfully explains her passion for collecting: “They are receipts. Sometimes your wallet gets too full. And before you have to decide: ‘Can this go away or do I keep it?’ First of all, she goes in a small box.” A preference that stunned Jauch, who tried to imagine everything visually: “What if you were in Lidl, too? Which is nonsense, you can’t exchange strawberries at the end of the year.”

For Julia Weidt, however, the huge amount of income makes her very happy, and she said enthusiastically: “Do you know how nice that is? If you take everything out at once and then: In 2013 I bought a shampoo! It costs 1.95 euros.”

As the audience burst into laughter, Jauch sarcastically remarked: “You have one life. One sensation follows the next!

However, the radio presenter’s victory that night did not cause a sensation. Regarding the question of 8,000 euros, the candidate was left breathless. Jauch wanted to know: “Who is the man who has accompanied the ‘beautiful tennis player’ Anna Kurnikova for more than 20 years? A Marc Anthony, B Carlos Santana, C Ricky Martin or D Enrique Iglesias?”

Weidt didn’t know what to do, although he remembered avoiding Enrique Iglesias’ songs on his radio show. He chose his telephone prankster Dominik, also a radio presenter. Günther Jauch I wanted to know about him: “Does the name Anna Kurnikova mean anything to you?” But the Joker answered: “No,” she thought for a long time and only at the end asked: “Can I have the answers again?”

Of course, time ran out and Jauch commented, “He’s not a very clever person.” The director of the contest could hardly believe that the Joker was also a radio host: “He takes care of the literature corner or what is he doing there? He tends to take significant pauses. Just a second of reflection.”

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kurnikova have been married since 2001

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kurnikova have been married since 2001

Photo: Image Images/ZUMA Globe

Julia Weidt canceled the candles: “It was brief, it was nice. “I’ll stick with what is written here, 4,000 euros.”

Deep down, she would have guessed that the correct answer was D (Enrique Iglesias), but she was still happy with her earnings, which she would like to use to buy a kitchen appliance: “A hot air fryer would be nice. That’s a great thing!

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