Will cloud streaming support continue with an update?

PlayStation Portal will be released this week at a price of 220 euros. Buyers do not receive actual hardware in the cloud. However, a statement from Sony’s Hideaki Nishino is interpreted to mean that a cloud expansion is within the realm of possibilities.

The portable PlayStation Portal, launching tomorrow, offers a limited range of features. Users must have a PS5 as games are streamed from there to mobile hardware. Mobile gaming sessions are possible as long as a sufficiently fast WiFi connection is available.

Sony recommends a broadband Wi-Fi connection with a speed of 5 Mbit/s as a minimum requirement. However, to optimize the gaming experience, it should be at least 15 Mbit/s.

At a time when many companies are confident in the future of the cloud because it does not demand much from users’ hardware, the lack of cloud in the case of PlayStation Portal is surprising. Simple Remote Play has been an integral part of PlayStation for years and is compatible with all smartphones, although not the options Portal offers.

However, the functionality of PlayStation Portal could be expanded in the future. The words of Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president and director of PlayStation platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, assured relevant speculations.

The only difference is the location of the server.

In an interview with AV clock says (via machine translation): “With Portal, the only difference between Remote Play and Cloud is where the server is located. There are no technical problems. We’ll start with Remote Play and then move on to verification. “Since we acquired Gaikai, we have taken cloud gaming very seriously.”

When using cloud gaming, it is important that you do not feel the difference. According to Nishino, customers would never believe in cloud gaming again if there were problems transferring games. Sony doesn’t want it to be said, “Cloud gaming didn’t work.”

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It remains to be seen if Nishino’s words really mean that PlayStation Portal will have cloud functionality sooner or later. Sony would already be ready: now you can also play PS5 games can be played as a cloud version. This requires a PS Plus Premium membership.

The rumor was met with enthusiasm on social media, although there was criticism about the overall situation. This is what a user wrote resetter: “Considering how lukewarm the launch of the PS5 OS was, I can imagine Sony will offer something bland but functional and add something later.”

PlayStation Portal

PS5 portable streaming now for less than 220 euros order.

First of all, it remains the same: PlayStation Portal is a streaming hardware that only works in combination with the PS5, on which the games are calculated. If you manage to accept it, you will find it in stores for 220 euros.

The handheld features an 8-inch LCD screen with a 1080p resolution. In addition, up to 60 FPS are achieved. Gamers also benefit from DualSense features.

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